Check Kogan Settings

NB: If you are already selling on Kogan and have existing listings, please read this first.

Connect Omnivore to Kogan via Seller ID and Token

Omnivore needs a Seller ID and Seller Token to connect to Kogan.

  • IF you do not have a seller account please apply for one here
  • Your Onboarding Manager at Kogan will provide you with your Seller ID and Seller Token when they create your Kogan selling account.
  • You can add this via the Set Up Wizard in Omnivore when you create the Kogan marketplace OR 
  • In Omnivore, go to 'Settings - Kogan - General' to add and click 'Update settings'

Choose which products to list


  • If you want to change the price of products you can create a promotion to increase or decrease the price of all products or a group of products.


  • In Omnivore, you need to set up a default shipping option. Go to 'Settings - Kogan - Shipping' to set up.
  • If you want more complicated shipping such as different shipping charges for different locations/regions, your Onboarding Manager at Kogan will assist you to set this up a custom Shipping Table. 
  • You can also create Product Groups in Omnivore so that different products can have different shipping charges. For example, you can create a product group based on Weight (e.g products over 3kg) and set a different shipping charge for those products.

Stock Buffer

  • You can set up a stock buffer under 'Settings - Administration - Product Import' if you carry low levels of stock and want to reduce the chance of overselling.

Customer email address

  • Kogan does not give out the customer's email address. If the customer email address is a required field in your eCommerce system, please go to 'Settings - Kogan - General' and enter ${order_id}@<yourdomainname> in the field 'Default Order Email'. 

Before you click Start Selling in Omnivore

In Omnivore the Kogan Marketplace Tab will say "Setup' in yellow until Start Selling is clicked. These steps must be completed in Omnivore before Start Selling can be clicked.

  1. Check your Kogan Account is correctly setup.
  2. Map your product to Kogan Categories
  3. Check your Shipping Templates are setup and complete
  4. Exclude any products you don't want to list.
  5. Check the Omnivore Dashboard under Listing Errors for products that won't list due to errors.
  6. Check you have put a date in the 'do not import orders before this date' field.
  7. Check the Omnivore Dashboard for general alert warnings
  8. Check you are aware of all Kogan fees.

Articles for Setup

Kogan Account Setup

Category Mapping

Shipping Setup

Block and Exclude Products

Apply promotion to change the list price

Existing listings on Kogan

Setup Kogan NZ

Please follow this setup guide here.

Kogan Omnivore Settings

In Omnivore navigate to the Settings, Kogan, General & Shipping.  Here are some commonly used settings required for setup:

Note: to apply changes made on this page be sure to scroll down and click 'Update'.

  1. Kogan to Omnivore Connection - here you must add your credentials which is your Seller ID and Seller Token that you get from your Kogan account manager when your account is setup.
  2. Setup your Default Order Email.  This is required as Kogan do not release the buyers email adddress.  More info can be found below.
  3. Product Description Template - you can set and customise your product description, for more detail click here.
  4. Exclude Products - you can exclude products so they don't list based on brand, title keyword and your own store categories.
  5. Importing Orders - if you have existing orders on Kogan and you don't want them imported use the 'do not import order before this date' field to stop us from importing your orders.

Overview of other settings

The Omnivore Settings, Functions and Features can all be accessed using the left hand menu navigation.  Over time you will get used to accessing these menus to make full use of the many features and functions of the Omnivore App.

Here is an overview:

Settings, Marketplace Name (eg Kogan), General:  the settings on this page are specific to Kogan - you can also the Kogan integration on this page.  If you change anything on this page an Upload to Kogan  will be required.

Settings, eCommerce Platform Name (eg Shopify), General:  the settings on this page affect the import feed from your eCommerce Store.  Changes on this page will affect Kogan and other marketplaces if you have them. If you change anything on this page an Import from your eCommerce Store (eg Shopify) will be required.

Settings, Administration: this section relates to how we manage feeds, updates, orders and generic functions relating to the integration.  Changes made in this section are specific to the overall Omnivore account and they will affect the Kogan integration.

Settings, Account Summary:  this section is where you can view your invoices, general account summary, your contact information and also notification information.  Any changes made in this section won't need an update but you will need to click the update button on the page.

The screen capture below shows the left hand menu options which also include how to access:

Products, Orders, Promotions, All Settings, and Support Articles. It also displays second tier settings in the Administration Menu.

After you have read this FAQ you may be ready to check out the Features and Functions Guide Page

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