Kogan has a Kogan NZ marketplace which enables you to sell your products to NZ customers on and

The implementation of Kogan NZ is a scaled back implementation of a regular marketplace in Omnivore, as such there are a few limitations around listing on Kogan NZ and not all Omnivore features are supported. 

  • Omnivore will use your Kogan AU product data e.g title, description, images for NZ listings
  • Changing product titles will work for Kogan AU and that is the title that is used on Kogan NZ. 
  • Blocking images, excluding products etc on AU will do the same on NZ

Please follow the set up checklist below around getting set up , and how your pricing in NZD and shipping work. 

Set up checklist

  1. Kogan will need to enable Kogan NZ for you on your Kogan selling account
  2. In Omnivore, enable Kogan NZ - go to 'Settings - Kogan - General' - in the Kogan NZ section, check the box Enable Kogan NZ NB: If you ONLY want to sell on Kogan NZ, please uncheck Kogan AU i.e 
  3. So that all orders are identified as GST Paid when arriving in NZ check the box to add an extra line in to every order address for Kogan NZ orders 
  4. Check your pricing - see NZ Pricing below
  5. Set up your shipping - see Shipping to NZ below

Choosing which products to list on Kogan NZ

  • By default,  products under NZD$1000 that are listed on Kogan AU are listed on Kogan NZ.
  • If you wish to list products over NZD$1000 on Kogan NZ, check the box under 'Settings - Kogan - General - Kogan NZ' NB: For products over NZD$1000 you are responsible for remiting GST to the NZ Govt. 
  • If there are particular products that you DO NOT want listed on Kogan NZ, then the only way to exclude them from Kogan NZ is to set up your shipping policies in a certain way (see below), if Omnivore doesn't have a shipping policy for Kogan NZ then the product won't list on Kogan NZ  
  • NB the normal blocking/excluding features won't work for Kogan NZ. If you block a product on Kogan AU, it will be blocked from Kogan NZ.

NZ Pricing and Tax

  • If the default currency of your ecommerce store in Omnivore is NOT NZD, Omnivore will convert the excl GST/tax price to NZD using the default daily exchange rate. 
    • If the amount is less than NZD$1000, Kogan will add 15% GST to the price and collect GST and remit the GST to the NZ Govt on your behalf
    • If the amount is greater than NZD$1000, Omnivore will add 15% GST to the price and YOU (the seller) must remit the GST to the NZ Govt
  • To use a different exchange rate, in Omnivore go to 'Settings - Currencies'.

Pricing conversion example for product UNDER $1,000:

Product Price: 19.95

AUD -> NZD exchange rate: 1.103

Product pricing in Omnivore includes AUD GST.

19.95/1.1 = 18.136 - remove the AUD GST portion

18.136*1.103 = 20.004 - Convert to NZD using the current conversion rate or your specified fixed rate

20.004*1.15 = 23.00 - Add NZ GST.

So in the above example the price for the product listed on Kogan NZ will be $23 NZD

Shipping on Kogan NZ

You must set up shipping policies for Kogan NZ.  Note:  There are very specific steps for Kogan NZ Shipping.

  1. Go to 'Settings - Kogan - Shipping'
  2.  Click on 'Add New Shipping Policies'
  3. Select 'NZ' from the Kogan Site drop down field.
  4. Complete all of the fields in the new policy window, you must select a Product Group specific to the Kogan Products you want to list on the NZ site.  For more information on entering data into these fields and the shipping types available in Kogan refer to the following document:

NOTE: As well as adding a specific Kogan NZ Shipping Policy you must also create a replicated Kogan AU Shipping Policy to the same NZ product group, both an NZ and AU policy are required to list on Kogan NZ. The naming and setup of the NZ and AU policy must be exactly the same.

If you wish to have products available on Kogan in both Australia and New Zealand then you will need to set up a shipping policy for both locations.  If your products are NOT in a product group AND not connected to a Kogan NZ Shipping policy they will not list on Kogan NZ.  They will also not list if the shipping policies are not name the exact same way as mentioned in the above note.

Looking at the following setup:

All products will list on Kogan Australia as a default shipping policy exists for the AU location.  To list on Kogan NZ a product must exist in either the NZ Heavy product group or the NZ Light product group.

Looking at a different setup:

All products will list on both Kogan Australia and Kogan New Zealand as a default shipping policy exists for both locations.  In addition there is another policy defined using the NZ Heavy product group to send up a higher shipping price for heavier products on Kogan New Zealand.