Omnivore offers two distinct functions if you want to stop specific products and variants from listing on a marketplace. These are Blocking and Excluding:

  • Product Blocking - with blocking we import the products into Omnivore and then use the block function so they won't list.
  • Product Exclusions - we do not import what is excluded from the feed, so you won't see them in Omnivore.
  • Bulk Blocking - same as product blocking but you can block up to 300 SKU's at a time.
  • Block All New Products by Default - this can be done at the marketplace level, if this is turned ON all newly imported products into Omnivore will be block listed.

Block Products (includes the option to zero out products)

How to block/unblock specific products  How to block a single product or multiple single products: 

  1. Go to 'Products - Marketplace Name - Listed Tab' (eg Amazon if you want to block them on Amazon)
  2. Search for the product you would like to block, you can search on the SKU or a keyword in the title.
  3. Check the check box on the left - you can check all or check individual products.
  4. Click 'Modify Selected Products - Block all selected from.. '
  5. Products will then show as blocked
  6. To unblock a product, search for the product, check the box on the left and then from the 'Modify Selected Products' button menu choose 'Unblock from..'.
  7. In the Modify Selected Products  dropdown menu there is also and option to 'Force all selected to zero stock quantity' (see important note below for eBay). This be useful if you would like to make items go into "out of Stock" even if they have inventory on your website.  Using the same method you would also Release from zero stock constraint.

** How to block All New Products automatically - go to 'Settings - Administration - Import Product'.

Scroll down to the section where you will see Product Blocking.  If you tick this box all newly added products in your eCommerce Store will be imported and automatically blocked in Omnivore.


  • If you block or unblock a product, make sure you go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Marketplace' to push any changes to the marketplace.
  • For eBay Australia:  If you block a product that is already listing then the system will end the current listing on eBay. If you DO NOT want to end the listing on eBay (you may want to keep the listing active and keep sales history but stop selling it temporarily) and want to just send an inventory of '0' then from the Modify Selected Products button menu, choose 'Force all selected to zero stock quantity'.  
  • Using this method you can search on a maximum of 50 products and block 50 at a time.

Exclude Products (includes variant exclusion)(*see new inclusion section below)

Omnivore allows you to exclude products so we don't import them, therefore we do not list them.   You can exclude by 'Keyword, Retailer Category, Brand, and 'On-Sale'

  1. Go to 'Settings - Marketplace Name (eg eBay Australia) - General' 
  2. Scroll down to the 'Product Exclusions' section
  3. Type in a keyword(s), categories, brands or check the exclude on-sale products box. 
  4. When using Categories you can just start typing for auto-suggest to populate.
  5. On-sale will block products where the Sale price is less than the RRP.
  6. Click 'Update Settings' on the bottom of this page.
  7. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from your eCommerce Store' if you need to remove existing listings.
  8. The images below highlight some examples.


  • When using Brand name or names and Keywords you have to enter one Brand or one Keywork per line with no spaces at the end of the last word.  Use the contextual help (?) on the right hand side for reference.
  • If you do not do a product import straight away this change will take affect the next time Omnivore does a full sync.

Exclude Variants:

You can use a keyword to exclude certain variant attributes from the feed.  This will apply all marketplaces.

  1. Go to 'Settings - Administration - Import Product'
  2. Scroll down to the section where you will see 'Exclude variants with these values'
  3. Type in a keyword of the variant you don't want to sell. 
  4. In this example all variants with the keyword Ordered will be excluded from the import and therefore will not list.
  5. To remove a particular attribute which is part of a Product, type in the keyword that is part of the attribute you want to remove from products in the Remove these attributes from products box.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Update'.
  7. From the Dashboard and click 'Import from eCommerce store' to create a full import sync from your website to exclude the variants.

Include Products (Toggle option under exclude)

Omnivore now allows you to INCLUDE ONLY based on Brand, Keyword in Title and Retailer Categories.  Navigate to the same section as 'Exclusions', the only step required is to click the Toggle Include/Exclude link. Keypoints to consider:

  • By default this section will be set to 'exclude', when you toggle to 'include', this will change the field name to say Only Include ...
  • Adding a value for Include will not remove the values you have entered for Exclude, so if you toggle back to Exclude the previous entries will still be there.
  • The brands, title keywords or categories you 'Include' will then force all other brands, title keywords or categories to be excluded.  But it will not add those to the Excluded toggle box.  They will be Excluded because they are not Included.

Block All New Product by Default

There are two ways to Block products this way.  Both functions will import any new products you add to your eCommerce Store / or Feed and block them from listing in Omnivore.  Like all blocked products they will be in the be visible via the Blocked Tab on the Product Search and they will say blocklisted on the product page.  To make them list you must manually 'Unblock' them in our system.

Block all new by default All Marketplaces.

  1. To turn this ON and OFF navigate to Settings - Adminstration - Product Import.
  2. Scroll down to find the Block new products by default setting.
  3. Tick ON or untick to be OFF.
  4. Click Update Settings on that page.

Block all new by default by Marketplace.

  1. To turn this ON and OFF navigate to Settings - Marketplace Name (eg Amazon) - General.
  2. Scroll down to find the Block new products by default on Marketplace.
  3. Tick ON or untick to be OFF.
  4. Click Update Settings on that page.

Bulk Block Products

You can use the Omnivore SKU's to 'bulk block' products from listing.

  1. If you need to get a list of the SKU's to bulk block use the 'Export CSV' function on the Product Search screen in Omnivore.
  2. On the CSV filter what products you want to block/ unblock.
  3. In Omnivore go to 'Products - Bulk Block'
  4. Paste the list of SKUs in batches of 300-500 (any more than this can cause a timeout 504 error).
  5. OR, you can also import a list of your SKU's by using the Choose File option.
  6. Choose the marketplace - if you want them blocked across ALL marketplaces choose All, otherwise, specify.
  7. Select the action of Block or Unblock.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Once completed, make sure you do an upload to the marketplace to ensure the products are blocked/unblocked. 

Tips and Key Points

  • When excluding and you enter the Brand or Keyword, use double quotations to exclude the exact word e.g "phone" will only block phone. If you leave out the double quotations and just put phone then if a word has phone in it then that will be excluded, for example iphone will be excluded.
  • Whenever you Block/Unblock you need to go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Marketplace' to remove any products that are listed.
  • When excluding using the Variant attribute value in the Settings, Administration section please note this will apply to all marketplaces, you cannot exclude variant based on specific Marketplace.
  • More information on force product to zero stock.