This setup article is specific to Amazon Australia and Amazon USA.  To continue to learn more about Amazon USA please click the link above.

Omnivore Settings

In Omnivore please navigate to the Settings, Amazon Australia, General page.  Here are some commonly used settings required for setup:

Note: to apply changes made on this page be sure to scroll down and click 'Update'.

  1. Amazon AU Connection - in the top section of this page you must add your Amazon Seller ID and Token. This FAQ covers how to connect Omnivore to Amazon and populate the Amazon Seller ID and Token fields.
    You can also run a test connection to check you are successfully connected.
  2. Excluding specific products and images from listing - you can exclude products based on brand, title keyword, your own store categories.  Click here for more information.
  3. Orders - if you have existing orders on Amazon and you don't want them imported use the do not import order before this date field.

Check Amazon Australia Settings

You now need to set up your shipping, returns policy and notifications in Amazon. Some of these steps will require that you log in to Amazon Seller Central.


Amazon offers two types of Shipping: 

  • Weight based; charge an amount for shipping based on the weight of the product
  • Price bands. Charge an amount for shipping based on the dollar value, for example $10 for purchases under $100 and Free shipping for purchases over $100.

In Amazon: 

  • Go to Settings – Shipping in Amazon to set it up.
  • Instructions on how to create/edit or delete shipping in Amazon.

In Omnivore:

  • Get the Shipping name from Amazon e.g. Standard and enter it as the Shipping policy name in Omnivore.
  • The cost of shipping is set up on Amazon
  • You can also use Product Groups in Omnivore and then assign an Amazon Shipping template.
  • Please see our detailed FAQ on Amazon shipping setup.


Choose how you want to manage returns - this is set up in Amazon.  You can Allow Amazon to do it or you can do it. NB: To initiate a return or refund a buyer must go through Amazon to do it so as a seller, you provide the return instructions in Amazon.

If you want to closely manage returns, we recommend that you authorise each return request. You will get a notification from Amazon if there is a request.

Otherwise, Amazon will authorise and manage the return on your behalf. Be familiar with Amazon’s policy.

In Amazon, go to Settings - Return Settings to set up.


All Notifications and Reports are assigned to the Amazon primary account holder as a default. You can then edit the email addresses to change where notifications are sent to.

We recommend that you review and make sure you’re happy with where the notifications from Amazon are being sent to the appropriate email address in your business.

Language setting:

Please ensure that under Account Information the language is set to English.

Account Info / Language for feed processing reports

List products to Amazon

To list a product on Amazon first, you need to map your products in Omnivore to Amazon Categories.  Note that not all categories are available on Amazon AU yet.  Please be aware of the following:

  • Your products must have GS1 issued GTINs e.g. UPC, MPN.
  • If you manufacture your own products, you can apply for an exemption
  • The 'Brand' needs to be the product brand, not your retailer name
  • If you want to sell into a restricted category, you need approval. Your listing will be flagged as ‘Incomplete’ if you need to get approval to sell into that category.
  • If you have existing listings on Amazon please read this FAQ carefully.

Restricted Categories

  • On the product page in Amazon,  go to the Inventory page, a product that has a status ‘Incomplete’ means that you need approval to sell in that particular category. Click ‘Incomplete’
  • You will see the product, scroll down you will see that you need approval to list in this category.
  • Click “request approval”
  • The request approval is different for different products. Follow the application process.
  • Depending on what you’re applying for you will likely need documentation – upload as instructed.
  • Submit
  • It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for approval.
  • You will receive a message from Amazon when approved. Go to Your Case Log from the Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

Product pricing

  • If you want to change the price of products you can create a promotion to increase or decrease the price of all products or a group of products.

Summary before you click Start Selling

In Omnivore the Amazon Australia Marketplace Tab will say "Setup' in yellow until Start Selling is clicked. These steps must be completed in Omnivore before Start Selling can be clicked.

  1. Check your Amazon Seller Central Account is correctly set up and is the correct account type.
  2. Map your product to Amazon Categories.
  3. Check your Shipping Templates are set up and complete and check the wording exactly matches between both systems.
  4. Exclude any products you don't want to list.
  5. Check the Omnivore Dashboard under Listing Errors for products that won't list due to errors.
  6. Check the Omnivore Dashboard for general alert warnings

Articles for Setup

Your Amazon Account

Category Mapping

Existing Listings

Connect Omnivore to Amazon Australia

Creating Product Groups

Amazon Shipping Setup 

Change the price of your products

Block or excludes products

Overview of other settings

The Omnivore Settings, Functions and Features can all be accessed using the left-hand menu navigation.  Over time you will get used to accessing these menus to make full use of the many features and functions of the Omnivore App.

Here is an overview:

Settings, Marketplace Name (eg Amazon), General:  the settings on this page are specific to Amazon - you can also pause the Amazon integration on this page.  If you change anything on this page an Upload to Amazon will be required.

Settings, eCommerce Platform Name (eg Shopify), General:  the settings on this page affect the import feed from your eCommerce Store.  Changes on this page will affect Amazon and other marketplaces if you have them. If you change anything on this page an Import from your eCommerce Store (eg Shopify) will be required. 

Settings, Administration: this section relates to how we manage feeds, updates, orders and generic functions relating to the integration.  Changes made in this section are specific to the overall Omnivore account and they will affect the Amazon integration.

Settings, Account Summary:  this section is where you can view your invoices, general account summary, contact information and notification information.  Any changes made in this section won't need an update but you will need to click the update button on the page.

The screen capture below shows the left-hand menu options which also include how to access:

Products, Orders, Promotions, All Settings, and Support Articles. It also displays second-tier settings in the Administration Menu.

After you have read this FAQ you may be ready to check out the Features and Functions Guide Page

If you would like to contact our Support Team please click here.

If you would like to contact Amazon Marketplace please do so via Seller Central within Amazon.