The listing ID on Amazon is called an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). It is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that is unique for each product and is assigned when you create a new product in Amazon’s catalog. 

If you are selling a product on Amazon that already exists on Amazon by another Seller then there will only ever be one ASIN or one product listing for that product. The first seller to create the listing determines the images, product title, description etc. 

When Omnivore pushes products up to Amazon we check to see if there is an existing ASIN based on your GTIN (EAN or UPC). If there is an existing ASIN, Omnivore will link up to that ASIN. If we cannot link to an existing ASIN we will create a new listing. 

The 'Link to Amazon ASIN' feature in Omnivore enables you to search for an ASIN or if you know the ASIN you can enter it to link directly to an existing listing.

  1. In Omnivore, go to 'Products - On Amazon' and navigate to the 'Link to Amazon ASIN' tab
  2. You will see a table of your products - the left column shows your products in Omnivore. The middle column shows the ASIN the product is linked to on Amazon. The third column shows that you need to do next.  
    1. If the ASIN is correct, check the check box to indicate that you have checked and its correct: NB: The product has already been linked to the listing and is live on Amazon. 
    2. If the ASIN is NOT CORRECT, you can search for a new one OR enter the ASIN if you know it.  
      1. Click on the 'Search drop down and Omnivore will search Amazon based on the Product title. It may take a few seconds for the search to provide results. OR
      2. Enter the ASIN in the field and click 'Save' 
      3. If an ASIN that we have linked to is NOT correct and you don't know or can't find an ASIN to link to, BLOCK the product from Amazon. Blocking the product on this page, will block the whole product including all variants.
  3. Once you have approved of entered a new ASIN on all the products, click 'Upload to Amazon' for the products to be updated with the linked ASINs.  


  • Its best practise to check that each product has been linked to the correct ASIN, looking at the image will help. However, you can skip the 'Verify link to ASIN' step for each product and instead focus on the products that do not have an ASIN linked - Search by Status 'Not Listed' at the top of the page to find those products most impacted.