To use Omnivore from Maropost (formerly Neto) an account registration and setup process is required.  This registration is setup for you my our onboarding/support team.

You will need to send us some information from your Maropost account so you will have to login to your account before you proceed.

The Registration & Setup Process

  1. Contact Us and provide the following piece of information.  
  2. Log in to Maropost to retrieve your Username and Access token API details and Website URL
  3. We require these 3 pieces of information from you so that we can complete the Omnivore registration.
  4. We also need to know which Marketplace you would like to add first.
  5. When we have completed the registration for you we will email you a link so you can log in to access Omnivore.
  6. When you login to Omnivore for the first time your account will be in Setup Mode for that new  marketplace.  We recommend reading this FAQ for more information on how to setup the Marketplace in Omnivore and also how to add other marketplaces as you go.

Next Steps & Required Reading

The FAQ's below cover the setup steps that are required in order for us to list your Maropost products on your chosen marketplace.  The first install step is complete, now the actual Omnivore setup begins.  Each Marketplace has unique setup requirements.

See All of our Setup Checklists here.

Certain requirements apply to all marketplaces such as:

If you require any assistance from our Integration and Support team please raise a ticket here and we can assist.

As mentioned in this FAQ we also offer Integration Packages.

To Access Your Omnivore Account

To log back in to Omnivore you can return to the link we sent you after we completed the setup for you, just enter your email address and password that we provided to you. 

Please follow this FAQ as a guide to access Omnivore.