Things you need to know

  • If you have existing marketplace listing when integrating from your eCommerce Platform it is vital to note that you must not proceed to activate Start Selling in Omnivore until you have handled and/or removed your existing listings. Failing to do this will cause listing and order issues that are irreversible.  
  • There are a few options we suggest and these are summarised and presented in this FAQ.

How to proceed

Each specific marketplace has a unique way in which they handle pre-existing listings with new integrated listings. It is not a one for all response.    Note, in some cases you can keep existing listings, but not in every case.  Sometimes they will need to be removed from the marketplace.

Depending on which market you are setting up please carefully read the relevant FAQ below:

Catch Marketplace

eBay Australia

Kogan Marketplace

Amazon Australia

Trade Me

TheMarket - the onboarding team at themarket will take care of existing listings for you.

MyDeal -  notify your account manager that you will be using Omnivore, they will advise the best steps for your existing listings.

How Omnivore & the marketplace can help

If you are in the process of setting up Omnivore and you are working with our integration/support team already please let us know if you have existing listings.  We can best advise based on your eCommerce Platform and the marketplace.

To add, if you have a marketplace contact or account manager you are working with please ask them how you should proceed, or check relevant documentation on there support portal.

Our FAQ's and tools have to be followed carefully in order to deliver a successful outcome.

If you have already hit Start Selling in Omnivore and your existing listings were not pre-managed please contact our support team.