This FAQ helps you to understand how Tradevine and My Products are listing tools for Trade Me and what you need to know when switching to Omnivore. 


What you should know

  1. Your Trade Me account can only be connected to one listing tool i.e Omnivore or Tradevine/My Products. You need to choose which one to use.


  1. When you authorise Omnivore to your Trade Me account, it will automatically remove the My Products or Tradevine authorisation, any products listed on Trade Me from Products or Tradevine will remain listed until you start listing your products on Trade Me via Omnivore. When you’re ready to start listing via Omnivore, Trade Me will remove your existing listings.


  1. If you’re not ready to authorise Omnivore to your Trade Me account, you can skip this step and do the rest of the set up first.
  2. Before turning off My Products, you can export your product data from My Products if you need to. We recommend doing this to have for your records just in case you need it as it will not be available after moving to Omnivore.
  3. If you switch to Omnivore you will lose access to My Products.
  4. Once you use Omnivore, you will list all products via Omnivore and not by any other means.
     i.e you cannot use Omnivore with Tradevine/My Products at the same time.