Using Omnivore to sell on eBay Australia and eBay USA is largely the same process from setup to selling.  The factors and specifics that define the differences are:

  • How eBay USA handles tax based on the US Tax laws
  • Shipping Types and Setup

Next Steps

To get started please contact our Specialist Onboarding Team.  eBay USA is one of our new marketplaces and at this time we are offering onboarding support to list on eBay USA.

In preparation for us to assist you please have the following:

  1. An active eBay USA Account.
  2. A list of categories you will be listing in.
  3. Any eBay US active listings you have in place.
  4. An active Omnivore Account.
  5. An idea of which products you would like to sell.

Specific Reading

Our eBay setup checklist FAQ covers key points for both eBay Marketplace.  This pre-reading will help as you work with you team of Onboarding Specialists.