This article summarizes the widely used Product Search screen within the Omnivore App - from the left hand menu click: 

Products - Manage Listings


Overview, what you can see 

  1. Full Product Details, including name, brand, SKU, condition, category, weight, inventory, price.
  2. Product in Omnivore and As Listed on the Marketplace including adjusted price, title and marketplace category.

Overview, what you can do with screen video

  1. Export your products to a CSV, handy if you need to check our products against your store products for comparison.
  2. Modify Selected Products, by modify we mean things like:
    • Block/Unblock a Product
    • Force to Zero Stock and reverse
    • Revalidate a product
    • Change the product condition
  3. Get to a product page by clicking on the Product Name
  4. Search for any product based on SKU or keyword
  5. Add more Search Filters such as a Brand or Minimum and Maximum price then save that Search as Product Group

Watch Product Block/Unblocking

Watch a Quick Product Search then add to New Product Group

Watch Quick Search then Revalidate Products

Watch Search Filtered by Product Group

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