Overview and Important Information

When using eBay LINK and Omnivore to list on eBay Australia Shipping setup is best done by fully understanding what eBay offers and what you are trying to achieve.  The setup process requires configuration within eBay and also within our App.

Incorrect setup of Shipping Policies can result in eBay removing your listings due to the nature of specific data requirements and business policy functions.

Minimum requirements for Shipping; you must have a default shipping policy and it must be called basic. Written that way, all in lowercase.

As part of your Shipping Setup please read and complete the Business Policy section below.

Types of eBay Shipping

Calculated Shipping:

  • This type of shipping needs Weight + Dimensions (width, height, length).  It also means that you can only use Australia Post. Based on the greater of the physical or volumetric weight equivalent eBay will determine the cost of Australia Post shipping based on the location of the buyer.
  • Weight data is standard for products, dimension data is not so you will need to ensure your products have dimensions within your eCommerce Store.  See faq link below.

Rate Tables:

  • Postage rate tables allow you to specify variable postage rates for locations across Australia. You can set postage costs for 100 regions, with up to 40 unique tables per account, specify cut-off times for same-day handling for accurate delivery estimates and give buyers choices with different costs for standard and express delivery.
  • Rate tables are based on weight so the weight we send to eBay is used to determine the shipping cost.  
  • With rate tables you can use any carrier. The setup of your Rate Tables in eBay allows you to enter your own customised shipping prices. See faq link below. 

Free Shipping:

  • Probably the most popular shipping option; you can have free shipping for all listings or only a select few.  You can also increase the price of your products in Omnivore/eBay LINK to cover the free shipping cost. See faq link below. 

Flat Rate Shipping:

  • The simplest form of shipping - offer a flat fee for Standard and Express Shipping.  
  • This can also be achieved by increasing the price of your products in Omnivore using a promotion and offering a flat fee shipping cost across all of your listings. See faq link below. 

Combined Shipping:

  • This is more of an extra function that you can add to your shipping types. There are steps that need to be completed within eBay to achieve combined shipping.
  • Options include one cost for shipping with multiples of the same item in the cart, add / subtract an additional flat charge for shipping with more than one item in the cart, additional shipping amount for combined orders, minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping, maximum postage charge for combined orders. See faq link below. 

NEW - Local Pickup Postage Option:

  • This can be applied to some listings on eBay. 
  • Pay on pickup is not possible, it still has to be immediate pay.
  • In eBay the Services option is called Local Pickup and the Shipping method pushed to your website will be AU_Pickup. See faq link below. 

Additional Articles

Based on the type of shipping you need please follow the links below.  Note, as mentioned eBay Shipping Setup can be complex hence we advise the following:

  • Be clear on what you are trying to achieve.
  • Read the articles fully and pay attention to specific naming conventions.
  • Contact our support team and provide details on what you are trying to set up.


Business Policies

It is mandatory to have the three following business polices to list on eBay Australia.

These include a Shipping Policy - Payment Policy - Returns Policy.  Click Here to follow our comprehensive setup guide.