This FAQ covers tips to create A Product Action allowing you to apply a Stock Buffer at etc Product Group level. Stock Buffers are a function to help you manage inventory and prevent oversells. Before you set up your Product Action please ensure you have a Product Group created. Find more info on creating a Product Group here

Setup Steps

  1. In Omnivore Navigate to Products - Product Actions, click Create Stock Buffer.
  2. On the pop window complete the fields to set a stock buffer.
  3. Provide a Name.
  4. Select the Marketplace.
  5. Select an already made Product Group (how to setup a Product Group).
  6. Add a numerical value for the stock buffer quantity, eg, if you enter 2 we will hold a quantity of 2 as a stock buffer.
  7. Click Save.

Note:    if you have an account wide stock buffer on Settings - Administration - Product Import section the new Product Action stock buffer at the marketplace level will override the account wide setting.  It will keep the account wide stock buffer for your other marketplaces that are not part of the product action.

Review Check and Test

  1. To view the stock buffer change at the product level navigate to Products - On Marketplace Name (eg Catch), search by using the Product Group filter drop down to find a product in the group you used for the product action.
  2. Click into the product page and scroll down to the relevant section.
  3. A message like this one below denotes an active Stock Buffer Product Action.
  4. And the inventory numbers for that marketplace will reflect the stock buffer.