The billing method for Omnivore is determined by your eCommerce Platform.  

Bigcommerce, Woocommerce and Magento Integrations will require you to add your credit card into Omnivore.  

Shopify Integrations are billed within and by Shopify so you don't add your billing details directly into Omnivore.

Shopify is also billed in $USD.

From the day you install the Omnivore App your 30 day Free Trial begins.

Billing commences at the end of the 30 day trial and your first charge will be applied 30 days after the billing period commences.   This applies for all of the eCommerce Platform Omnivore Apps.

Our billing and charges do not have anything to do with Fees and Charges from your eCommerce Store or Marketplace.  The billing amount you see from us is only for the use of the App.

eCommerce Platforms

Our full list of app charges, features and pricing plans can be found here.

Find your invoice in Omnivore

Each month an invoice is generated within Omnivore.  To access the Account Summary/Invoice Section in Omnivore click Settings - Account Summary - Invoices Tab.  On the Account Summary page you can see a full explanation of the plan you are on.  

To view an actual invoice click view from the Invoice Tab page. The invoice will open in a browser tab and you can save it as a PDF if you need a copy.

Suspend Billing

On the Settings - Account Summary page you can Suspend Account.  This is what suspending your account does:

  • Suspends billing of the app.
  • Stops all updates and feeds from your eCommerce Store.
  • Stops us from importing your orders from the Marketplace.
  • Stops all activity to do with every marketplace integration. 
  • It does not remove the app from your eCommerce Store.
  • It does not affect your marketplace account.


If you have any questions about your billing charges or your invoice please raise a ticket, we will be glad to assist.