Omnivore is an Australian based platform, as such we usually bill in AUD. However, Shopify requires us to bill our Shopify customers via Shopify in USD. 

Our standard Shopify pricing plan is USD$74.95 OR 1% of your orders across all marketplaces you sell on. We calculate 1% for all orders across all marketplaces (excluding shipping charges) then convert the amount to USD. If the amount is less than $74.95, you will be charged USD$74.95. If the amount is greater than $74.95 you will be charged the 1%.

You will not be charged the 1% rate until your turnover excluding shipping charges is more than USD$74.95 per month.

In the event you are selling on marketplaces across New Zealand and Australia, we convert the New Zealand orders into AUD and then add all AUD orders together to determine the amount you are billed.