In many cases it is necessary to Add/Remove/Edit Product Descriptions from your eCommerce Store to suit the Marketplace requirements and enhance sales.  Some description changes can apply to all markets.  Some can differ and apply to specific markets.  Omnivore has the function to setup both depending on what is relevant to you.

Please read this FAQ carefully, the information is thorough and has the steps required to edit your descriptions. And remember to note the suggested tips below.

Add additional text to your product descriptions - for all products

This is often used as a listing enhancement.

  1. In Omnivore click Settings - Marketplace (eg Catch) - General, scroll down to the field Product description template
  2. Enter $detailed_description (you must enter this as it includes your standard product description data) then start a new line by hitting enter twice, then type the text you want to appear e.g. FREE SHIPPING - delivery within 5 days.
  3. See Below:
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click Update settings.
  5. Your listings will now have the product description from your ecommerce store followed by FREE SHIPPING - delivery within 5 days. 
  6. Go to the Omnivore 'Dashboard' and click 'Upload to Marketplace' to update your listings.
  7. You must always complete the steps in point 4 and 6 for these changes to push through to the marketplace.
  8. Specific to My Deal, make sure you use the following syntax for short and detailed description: $short_description $detailed_description

Product Data Attributes

You can also use any of the following product data attributes to enhance your product descriptions for each Marketplace Note:  Product data attributes are case sensitive, so always enter them exactly as they are below (e.g.  $brandName or $sku).

$sku – this is the SKU of your product.

$brandName – this is the brand name (if you have assigned one).

$retailerName – your store name.

$colours – if the product comes in different colours, the list of the colours as you described them, e.g. Coral, Midnight, Gunmetal

$standardColours - similar to $colours except the colour names are as mapped to the standard colour names, e.g. Pink, Black, Grey for the above example

$productName – the original title of a product.

$amount – the product selling price e.g $89.95

$rrp - product's RRP price

$category - the category assigned to a product in the retailer feed/system.

$short_description  – short description (if available)

Remove or change text within your product descriptions - for all products

You can also remove text from your product descriptions if there is something you don't want displayed on the Marketplace.

Each of the steps below requires you to hit the Update button on the General Settings page, then Upload to Marketplace from the Dashboard.

  1. To remove text from every product description, enclose the text to be removed in -##[text]##-.  For example:
  2. To remove the text "Next Day Delivery" from every product description, enter the following  (Remember to add $detailedDescription so that the Description Template knows what to remove the text from}:  $detailedDescription-##All Products Have Warranty##-
  3. See below:


  1. Product attributes are case sensitive, so always enter them exactly as above (e.g. $brandName or $sku).
  2. If you need to remove multiple pieces of text, add the -##text1##- -##test2##- etc in sequence.
  3. See below:
  1. If your text has a $ you will have to use a \ before the $. For example, if you want to add the text: "Special Offers $20".
  2. See below:
  1. To replace/add keywords use -## | ##-. For example, to replace "Special Offes with "On sale" add the following to the description template:  -##Special Offers|On Sale##-  (note the | to split the two):
  2. Eg  $detailedDescription -##Special Offers|On Sale##- 
  3. See below:

Remove text from product descriptions - all products, marketplaces

  1. From Omnivore click Settings, Feed, General.  (note, the Feed option will have the name of your eCommerce Store, eg if you are Shopify it will say Settings - Shopify Feed - General.
  2. Scroll down to the Description Template field on this page.
  3. Use the Find OR both the Find and Replace fields depending on if you want to Remove Only or Remove and Replace.
  4. Enter the words to be removed and click the green plus, then click Update.  Looking below the example shows that Biggest sale of the year will be removed.
  5. Looking at the example below is shows a Remove and Replace, then clicked the green plus and Update. 
  6. If you want to reverse any of the entries you have added just click the red minus next to the entry you want reversed.

Please Note:  Any changes to descriptions that are made in this section using this function on the Feeds page will apply to All Products and All Marketplaces.  Use wisely.

Add/Remove text from descriptions for a specific marketplace - requires product actions

It is very common that each market will have differing requirements and standards for listing descriptions.  One marketplace may accept wording that another rejects.  In this case you must use a Product Action in Omnivore.  If you only need to edit a group of products you will also need to create a Product Group.  See a link below for how to create a group.

  1. Click Products, Product Actions, Create Detailed Description.
  2. To remove a sentence which may not be relevant to selling on a Marketplace e.g. Next Day Delivery add -##Next Day Delivery##- to the description template in the product action e.g. $detailed_description-##Next Day Delivery##-
  3. To add a sentence which may needed to sell on a Marketplace e.g. Please see size chart you would put: $detailed_description Please see size chart.  
  4. When 'adding words' be sure to hit enter twice before adding the text.
  5. Click Save.
  6. See below, these examples Add and Remove text for a marketplace using a  product action and product group for products under $75.

Important Points:

  • When creating a Product Action be sure to select the correct Marketplace the action will apply to.
  • Add a New Product Group if you need to - New Product Group
  • If there is no marketplace selected the Action will apply to All Markets.
  • If there is no product group selected the Action will apply to All Products.
  • You can also use a Store Metafield in your Description Template using a Product Action, see this FAQ for Shopify Users.

How to check that your change has worked

  1. You can check that the rule you have created has been applied to the product description.  You can do this my locating a product in Omnivore and viewing the product page.  Go to Products, On Marketplace Name and search for a product that is in the product group you created, or any product if you have applied to all products. 
  2. Click on the product name to take you to the page to view the full product details.
  3. Scroll down to the relevant section, e.g. if you want to check the change for a product on eBay look for eBay Australia Product View and note the following: 
  4. Underneath the Detailed Description heading you will be able to see if your text is there or removed depending on what you have setup.
  5. If the change you made has not applied go back and check the Product Action of Description Template on the General Settings page and make sure everything is specific to the instructions.

Additional reading and suggested Tips

  • Specific My Deal, correct syntax - $short_description $detailed_description
  • Specific Amazon reading if your description changes to do not update - click here.
  • Any change you make on the Settings - Platform Feed - General page in Omnivore will affect every product and every marketplace.  It is the quickest form of text removal so use wisely.
  • You cannot use a CSV to edit descriptions.
  • If you check a Product Page in Omnivore to see if your changes have worked and the Detailed Description section is blank and has nothing there this means the change you have made is not correct.  Check the steps and settings again to ensure the wording and tags you have used are correct.
  • You will not see the changes reflected on the Marketplace until a full Upload to Marketplace has completed.
  • Some marketplaces such as Catch and Amazon do not allow you to edit description if the product data is owned by another seller.
  • The heading above called Product Data Attributes is only referenced in the first section, but these attributes can be comprehensively used in Product Actions and when edited Detailed Descriptions on General.
  • You may need to create a Product Group if your change is for some products but not others.
  • In our system you can also use Metafields from your eCommerce Store and apply this data to your Product Descriptions, please see this Shopify FAQ.