Catch Catalogue Manager now helps you manage product approval process for Catch.  Omnivore uploads your products into the Catch Catalogue Manager so you can check products for accuracy according to the Catch requirements for listings.

The Catch Approval Team still do the final steps to approve all product so they list on Catch Marketplace.

Product Approvals using the Catch Catalogue Manager

Everything you need to know about the new product approval process and catch catalogue manager can be understood by watching this series of Catch Webinars.

4 Key Catch Functions you will to be aware of are:

  1. Product Rejection Reasons
  2. Download an error report
  3. Fixing product errors
  4. About GTIN and MPN on Catch
  5. How to contact Catch Team if you are still unsure -

How it works in Omnivore

  • Products that are not listed and are going through the Catch Approval Process will be in Omnivore under 'Listing Errors', go to Products - Catch - Listing Errors Tab.
  • When you click into an error then a Product you will see a yellow error and a blue warning, see some examples below:

Catch  validation error: Omnivore has submitted your product(s) to Catch for approval. The Catch Team manually review and check products before they will be listed, please contact Catch Tech Support for assistance.   

Catch validation warning:

[3517479845987-29462759866467] The product needs to be reviewed by the operator.
[3517479845987-29462759866467] The product has not been published yet.
  1. Check these errored products in the Catch Catalogue Manager to see the status Catch has on your products, there are 6 status types you can search on in Catch.
  2. Hover over the status to see more information on why the product is not being sent to approval by Catch.
  3. Continue to check the product status and rejection reasons within Catch Catalogue Manager (CCM).  
  4. More on Catch Errors can be found here.  More info here also.
  5. When you determine the reason Catch won't list the product, it may need the following:
  6. More information from Catch, in which case contact Catch Seller Support
  7. A change to the product that could be applied in Omnivore.
  8. A change to the product that could be done in your eCommerce Store.
  9. Example, problems with image size have to be fixed in your eCommerce Store, but a word that needs to be removed from your description can be done within Omnivore.
  10. Catch has extensive lists that show rejection reasons, understand the error or rejection reason first to help know the next steps to get the products listed.
  11. If you make a change to a product in Omnivore or your eCommerce Store and you are sure it will now list with no errors click Upload to Catch or Import from Shopify (or WooCommerce or Bigcommerce or Maropost or Magento) to update the product and send a feed to Catch.

Required Reading on Catch Marketplace

After your products are uploaded to Catch they will be in one of the following status categories within Catch Catalogue Manager:

Validation - Acceptance - Synchronisation

This Catch FAQ covers all of the information you need to learn to understand each Status and what to do.

Other essential reading:

Common Errors

New Catch Errors

When some variants are not listed but others are

Catch Rejection Reasons