Orders in Omnivore

We import fully paid orders from your Marketplace Store into Omnivore.  These orders can then be viewed in Omnivore by selecting "Orders - All Orders" from the left-hand menu.


This will take you to the 'Orders' landing page. 

From here you can search by order number/customer email, or use the filters to find a particular order, or types of orders (e.g. orders with a status of 'Shipped' or status Retailer Notified Failure).  You can also filter by Marketplace.

After locating an order you click on the 'Order Number' to view the order page in Omnivore.

See below:

Additional Reading

As orders are an important part of eCommerce Integrations there maybe times when you need to look into an order issue or order status.  

The articles below cover some of these scenarios and are specific to different eCommerce Platforms:

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