Sometimes we import an order from the marketplace and when we attempt to push that order to your eCommerce Store we are not able to because the marketplace SKU in the order from the market is different from the product SKU in your eCommerce Store. This FAQ reviews what happens in this case and what to do to correct it.

Product SKU not found

When the SKU in a marketplace doesn't match the SKU in your eCommerce store, we are unable to match up the product purchased on the Marketplace with a product in Omnivore. These orders in our system will be in a status called Retailer Notified Failure.

Note, on the order page in Omnivore the error you will see is:  Product SKU Not Found (or similar wording).

This can occur if you first listed a product as a single variant product (i.e does not have options such as colour or size) then later, the product is listed as a multi variant product (i.e product has options such as colour and size to choose from).

How to correct 

Follow the steps below to edit the order in our system so it can be resent to your eCommerce Store.

Step 1: Find the product in the marketplace and also find that same product in Omnivore.

  1. Find the exact product name that was sold on the Marketplace. You might need to look in the Marketplace directly to get that info. 
  2. Find the same product in Omnivore and open the product page in Omnivore. Go to 'Products - On (Marketplace)' and search for the product. Click on the Product Title to get to the Product Page.
  3. Find the SKU and Retailer Ref - these show in the Variation section of the full product details page in Omnivore .e.g

Step 2: Find the order in Omnivore and edit the order by putting the correct SKU into the order.

  1. From the Orders, All Orders Menu go to the Order page.
  2. Filter by Status and select Retailer Notified Failure, when you see the order click into it to view the order page.
  3. On the order page under Line Item click Edit.
  4. This pop box below will appear.
  5. Check the SKU and Retailer Ref field from the product that you have found in Omnivore and if they are different from the SKU and Variant SKU (Retailer Ref) in the actual order then edit the above page by inserting the SKU and Retailer Ref from the product in our system. Click Update. Then on the Order Page click Send to Retailer.  If there is stock on the product in your eCommerce Store then order will be accepted.


When you are inserting information in the fields above, please be aware of any spaces that may be before or after the information.  When using copy and paste it is easy to sometimes put a space before or after.  A space is considered a character and this will cause it not to work.


To make this process easy it is a good idea to have two browser tabs open, one showing the actual order in our system and one showing the product page in our system.

More Helpful Information

There are many other reasons an order in our System will have an error that says 'Retailer Notified Failure' and therefore may need to be edited.  These can be found in other articles within our portal.  

You will notice on the order page in our system that there are Edit Buttons in different section, so order can be edited when necessary.