There are particular requirements that have to be followed when setting up product specifics in Maropost so they can be best used in Omnivore as Attributes to get workable results. In Maropost it is called Product Specifics.

For sellers on Coles Best Buys who use Shipping Zone, this is one example.

We recommend following this Maropost Guide to setup Product Specifics in Maropost if you are setting up Shipping Zones for Coles Best Buys.  If done this way we will import them as Attributes into Omnivore making them useable for this Coles feature.

Our other FAQ covers Maropost Attributes:

This method does also work with Omnivore, but not in the case of Coles Shipping Zones.

Tips & Keypoints

  1. We recommend checking with our Integration Team when setting up Attribute Data in Maropost.  
  2. Some marketplaces have very specific attribute requirements, you can ask your account manager or we can assist.
  3. Maropost do have well documented FAQ's on setting up attributes ( Specifics / Filters  AND Other. ).