Many marketplaces allow and request Product Attributes.  Omnivore can import attributes from your eCommerce Store and push them to the Marketplace.  

Maropost and the way the API works with Omnivore has some unique requirements pertaining to this function, please follow these steps carefully.  There are specific points in Maropost that have to be considered.

Setup in Maropost

With Maropost there are two places to add attributes, in the Product area there is Specifics / Filters  AND Other.


  • By default data added in the Specific / Filter location is visible on your product page in your Maropost store.
  • By default OTHER has a number of default fields, or any Custom Product Fields and they will be 'invisible' on the product page in your store.   (in the control panel - by default custom product fields do not display on the webstore).
  • If you are selling on Coles Best Buys and you are also using Shipping Zones please follow this FAQ and Maropost Guide. 

If you had special attributes via OTHER that you only want to use for the Marketplaces, Omnivore can pull data from 'OTHER' in Maropost, but to best manage these attributes Omnivore has specific setup requirements to allow us to successfully import these via the API.

Maropost lists 'OTHER' via the API as Misc##`, where ## is a two digit number (with a leading 0 if less than 10) that corresponds to the field in the control panel. E.g: `Misc01`, `Misc44`, up to a possible `Misc52`.

We require the ID of the Misc Field within your Maropost setup, this can be done on this page: 

From your own store site, navigate to the URL ending in bold -

When you have set these up correctly we will be able to import them via the API because we will now be checking for 'Misc##'.

Your final list could look like this, once this is complete please send a screen capture to us so we can confirm:

**If you do require assistance from Maropost we suggest reaching out to their support team to let them know your 3rd party app provider needs to poll for attributes via the API that are in 'OTHER' and are not visible on your store.

This Maropost Documentation Link is very helpful to find articles using keyword searches.

Setup in Omnivore

Once you have added the attribute data in Maropost the Import Feed from Omnivore to Marpost will update the attributes and apply them to the products in Omnivore.  So if you have completed the Maropost setup as per above you should click and Import from Maropost in Omnivore so we can update your changes.

  1. To check in Omnivore navigate to Products - On The Marketplace Name (eg On The Iconic); search for a product you know should have attributes.  Click to open and view the product page in Omnivore.
  2. On the product page scroll down, using the Iconic eg, under the heading The Iconic Product View you will see a heading called Product Attributes.
  3. The image below shows that we have imported the 'Misc##' values and applied them as attributes that will mapped and then pushed to The Iconic.
  4. This is what is will look like when complete.

Tips & Keypoints

  • We recommend checking with our Integration Team when setting up Attribute Data in Maropost.  
  • Some marketplaces have very specific attribute requirements, you can ask your account manager or we can assist.
  • Maropost do have well documented FAQ's on setting up attributes ( Specifics / Filters  AND Other. ).