This FAQ covers the Import from and Upload to Buttons on the main Dashboard screens.

Important information.  

The import and upload buttons don't actually need to be clicked.  The automatic feeds, syncs, webhooks and incremental updates that continuously run in the back ground take care of product updates.

Of course there are instances where is it advantageous and maybe necessary to use the buttons to run a full sync, this is an exception not a rule.

Sometimes clicking the import or upload buttons can slow down the update process if there are already incremental jobs running in the back ground.

More information on how we sync can be found here.

How the import and upload works

  • Import 
  1. When you click Import you will notice there are two options.
  2. Please read the message in full.
  3. The Green Import will process and pull in awaiting changes and updates to products.
  4. The Red import will check 'all products' regardless of if they have changed or not.  This import is slower.

  • Upload
  1. When you click upload be sure to read the message in full.
  2. Note that this does not trigger an import from your eCommerce Store.
  3. A purge job will run during an upload so this will remove any products that have been blocked or zeroed out due to no inventory.

When to use the buttons key points

As a general rule we recommend the following with regard to using these options:

  • Only use the import and upload buttons if you cannot wait for the automatic background jobs to run the updates.
  • If you require an urgent data update using and import and upload can help.
  • We advise not using them every time a website change is made, allow the webhooks and incremental feeds to take care of such changes.
  • If you change something in Omnivore our system will handle that change using a feed by default so they are not needed when an Omnivore change happens.
  • Manually activated jobs take priority over the important system jobs so this can slow down updates.