Our system is set up to do a complete sync between your eCommerce store and the Marketplace once a week. A full sync includes updating all product information including images, descriptions, price, inventory etc. between your eCommerce store, our system and the Marketplaces.

The complete sync is usually scheduled overnight on a Friday or Saturday and the product section of the dashboard and other features like category mapping are unavailable during this time. If you have a large number of products the complete sync can take anywhere from 5 to 6 hours for 1000 products up to 4 days for 30,000 products. 

During the week, if any of the product information changes in your eCommerce store e.g. inventory, price, description, images then our system is notified of the change and is updated. We then send the change up to the Marketplace. These incremental product updates happen in near real time*,  so your products are always kept up to date between your eCommerce store, the Marketplace and our system.

*your store will trigger an update job to alert us and in turn we trigger an update job to the Marketplace.

*in our system these are called webhooks.

*for Magento 2 retailers webhooks are not configured by default.  To use webhooks for Magento 2 please read this FAQ for more information.