About Onceit

  • Onceit is a New Zealand based one stop marketplace that offers a range of premium brands and products across fashion, beauty, homeware & more.
  • Onceit have over 650,000+ Subscribed members and a highly engaged customer base with a strong social media presence, Onceit is the perfect platform to reach a broad range of consumers who love premium brands at a great price. 
  • Onceit's core customer is 80% Female 18 – 65 who are brand & price savvy with disposable income. Home & living, cosmetics, toys, electronics, and fashion are all items and categories that work particularly well on Onceit. 
  • Onceit aims to partner with sellers with experience in e-commerce and can add value to their customer by offering exclusive savings, products and popular brands.

Add the Onceit Marketplace in Omnivore

Adding a new marketplace into Omnivore is quick and simple.  This FAQ here covers the steps to add any new marketplace in Omnivore, in this case you would select Onceit.  

As soon as you have completed this step you can then proceed to setup Omnivore with the Onceit specific settings.  Follow the Key Points below.

Key Points

If you are ready to start setting up Omnivore to integrate with Onceit and you are reading this then we can assume you are aware of the following steps:

  1. Setup your Onceit Marketplace Account
  2. Inform your Onceit Account Manager that you will be integrating with Omnivore
  3. Obtain your Onceit API Key
  4. Read and apply our Onceit setup and check list
  5. Consider what you will do with your existing listings
  6. Speak with your Account Manager about Product Listing Approvals on Onceit. 

Completing The Setup

It is not necessary to fully complete the setup of Onceit in Omnivore all at once.  The setup can take a week or more, as long as you Update your settings each time you navigate the settings area.  There are many setup steps to consider and check as you prepare to go live and hit Start Selling, many of which will involve you fulfilling the seller requirements from the Onceit onboarding team.

Next Steps & More Reading

  1. Complete your Shipping Setup
  2. Begin to map your Products to Onceit Categories 
  3. Consider editing or tweaking your Product Descriptions for Onceit