In February 2022, Trade Me released new shipping templates.

Buyers want transparency across shipping time and costs - surfacing this info leads to a better experience for buyers and should lead to a higher conversion rate for sellers.

Sellers will get a boost in search results if their listings use the new templates.

The new shipping templates completed by Sellers will enable Trade Me to display shipping costs and expected delivery times to a buyer’s selected shipping location, in search results. For example;

New shipping template options

The new shipping templates require Sellers to provide more detailed information when creating their shipping template on a listing. In addition to current information such as cost, you will now need to provide:

  • Shipping type - select from the predetermined list of couriers
  • Shipping region - select from predetermined regions within New Zealand e.g Auckland, North Island, etc 
  • Handling time - this is the amount of time it takes from when you receive the order to when you give the package to your carrier, it is entered in business days.
  • Order cut off time - select the time a customer needs to order by
  • Addon fees - If you select the With the Signature option, the customer will see two shipping options on the listing – the price without signature and the price with signature, and they will be able to choose between the two 


All products listed on Trade Me via Trade Runner need to have the new shipping template(s) by Friday 30 September. Your listings will stop if you do not use the new templates.

Update your listings with the new shipping templates now - Trade Me will also boost any listings with the new shipping templates in search results and are delivering marketing campaigns that promote these listings.

How to update your shipping templates 

  • Login to your Trade Runner account via your ecommerce store
  • From the Dashboard click the notification or from the left hand menu go to Settings - Trade Me - Shipping
  • Click and edit each of your existing shipping templates (also known as a shipping policy) - your existing shipping policy will still be there, you just need to add some additional fields e.g Shipping type, handling etc.
  • Once you've edited each shipping template, Trade Runner will automatically update your listings on Trade Me
  • For step by step instructions see article: Updating Trade Me shipping templates

Trade Me shipping overview

Updating Trade Me shipping templates

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