This article will help to explain what types of shipping policies/set up are available to Sellers on Trade Me. All products listed on Trade Me will require a shipping policy. 

Default Shipping 

Note that you will need to provide at least one default shipping policy that doesn't have a product group defined otherwise you will see the warning "Please define a default shipping method" on the dashboard. The default shipping method acts as a fallback policy for products that do not fall into any defined group. 

For instance, if your shipping groups were set up as shown in the image below and don't cover products over 5kg or those with no weight value assigned, they would not list because there is no defined shipping policy for them.  

To overcome this, there needs to be a default shipping method available to catch these products.

Free shipping

Set your products up to have free shipping where you do not charge the buyer for shipping.

Free shipping from the Shopping Cart

You have the option to make shipping for orders added to the shopping cart free if it meets certain criteria - either an item amount or a dollar value. We ask that you set this only once.  If you wish to run promotions and free shipping offers you can still do this via Trade Runner. See this FAQ for more information

Shipping on additional products (Combined Shipping)

If a buyer purchases 2 or more of a product you can choose whether to charge shipping for each item or to only charge shipping once.

  1. To achieve this you will need to create an Additional Shipping Policy and Select 'Other Combined'. This will have to be done for each of the Shipping Policies that you want to offer Combine Shipped on.
  2. When you add an Additional Policy to cover this you will need to select 'Other Combine with another item....' as shown below from the drop-down as shown in the screen capture below.
  3. Continue to fill in all of the fields on the new Additional Policy.


Local Pick Up 

You have the ability to offer the following options:

  1. No pick up - this is the default which means that the product will always be shipped.
  2. Buyer can pick up - the buyer has the option to either pick it up from one location or it can be shipped.
  3. Buyer must pick up - the buyer can only pick this up product up. e.g if its a bulky item you don't want to send. Use this with a product group to define those products that must be picked up.

Note that if you offer pickup you must supply your pickup address - see the Local Pick Up faq here.

Weight based shipping

Using Product Groups in Trade Runner, you can create groups of products based on weight and then have a shipping policy for those products. For example:

Weight    Shipping Policy
Less than 1kg$0 - Free
Between 1kg and 3kg    $9.95
3kg or more$19.95

You can also have different multiple policies for each weight, for example:

WeightShipping Policy
Less than 1kgStandard - Free
Express - $4.95
Same day Auckland $9.95
Between 1kg and 3kgStandard - $9.95
Express - $19.95
3kg or moreStandard - $19.95
Express - $29.95

See how to set up weight based shipping for further instructions.

Number of shipping policies per product

You can have up to 10 different shipping policies per product on Trade Me. 

For example, you may want to offer the following options with different costs associated:

  1. Standard
  2. Express within Auckland
  3. Express Nationwide
  4. Rural delivery with Signature 
  5. etc

Points to note when naming your shipping policies

  1. Max length of the policy name is 50 characters  
  2. Must not contain $ symbol

Drop Shipping

  • If you dropship any or all products, you must be approved by Trade Me. Apply here.