If you have been using Omnivore and you are ready to now sell on other marketplaces you will need to 'Add A New Marketplace' to your Omnivore Account.  Depending on your Account Type this may require a plan change, we can do this for you.

It is best to ensure that before you add the marketplace into Omnivore that you have fully completed the account setup with the actual marketplace.   More information on direct marketplace account and store setup can be found here.

Steps and How To

  1. Launch the Omnivore App from your eCommerce Store to view the Dashboard.  
  2. On the far right side you will see the Add Another Marketplace section. If you cannot see this section you may need a plan or account change, please contact us and we can discuss this with you.
  3. Click Find out more.
  4. This will take you to the Choose Marketplace page where you will see a list of available marketplaces.  Click the Setup button next to your choice.
  5. This will lead you into the Setup Wizard for that marketplace.  Note at this time you do not need to actually connect Omnivore to the new marketplace, you can skip that part.  This will still add the marketplace into Omnivore and keep it in Setup Mode until you are ready to connect and then hit Start Selling.
  6. Once you complete adding the new marketplace you will now see the new Tab on your Dashboard.  Continue to the Specific Marketplace Setup Steps found here to complete the configuration in Omnivore that is specific to your newly added Marketplace.  
  7. NOTE:  Some setup tasks are completed in Omnivore and some are completed within your actual Marketplace Account.  Each vary, so we suggest reading our information for each market to determine the specific requirements.

Next Steps

  • Get New Integration Assistance.
  • Search in our Support Portal for 'setup check lists'.
  • Consider mapping your products to the marketplace categories.  For Google Shopping Category Mapping is not required.
  • Consider reading our articles on Shipping Setup.
  • If you have an on-boarding specialist or contact at the marketplace contact them to let them know you are ready to sell using Omnivore.
  • Contact Our Support Team if you have any questions.