Before you commence the Integration process from your eCommerce Store to Omnivore to Your Marketplace Store it is best to have your Catch Seller Account complete and ready to list.  We cannot do this step for you, the Catch On-boarding Team can assist you to completion.

New To Catch.

To start selling on The Catch Marketplace you can begin the process and apply here. 

We recommend letting them know that you are using Omnivore and that you intend to integrate from your eCommerce Store using our App.

Catch do have specific listing requirements, we suggest taking note during your setup phase with Catch so that you are aware of what their specific needs are based on your product categories, paying particular attention to the Catch Data Requirements for Product Identifiers, Images, Descriptions and Size Charts.

This includes the setup of Shipping within the Catch portal.

The Catch Setup time can take anything from one to three weeks.  Paying attention to the Catch Listing Rules will help the integration process run smoothly.

Already Listing On Catch.

If you are already selling on Catch and you have existing listings please inform Catch of your new Omnivore Integration. There are specific requirements they will explain to you.   More information on Existing Catch Listings can be found below.

Auth Information to Connect from Omnivore to Catch.

Once you have setup your Catch Account you will need to Authorise from Omnivore to Catch.  This step is explained in this FAQ in steps 5-9.

Next Steps & Essential Reading.

  1. Contact Catch to begin selling on the Catch Marketplace.
  2. If already selling seek specific requirements as an Omnivore user.  Click here for the Catch documentation.
  3. For Existing Listing Information click here.
  4. Be sure to ask your Catch Team Member to provide information on their Listing Requirements.

Continue with our Catch Setup Checklist