If you are already selling on Catch and have existing listings, these are the main steps taken:

  1. Raise a support ticket with Catch and advise them that you are an existing seller who is moving to list via Omnivore
  2. If your existing Catch listings do not map your Omnivore SKU you will need to ask Catch to:
  • Remove the existing listings from Catch AND
  • Remove any existing mapping configurations.

1. Advise Catch that you will be integrating using Omnivore:

2. Set up Omnivore and Remove existing listings from Catch:

  1. Install the Omnivore App/Extension for your eCommerce store
  2. Create the Omnivore account and choose Catch as the Marketplace
  3. When you go through the sign-up flow, don't add the API key for Catch just yet, you can add it once you're ready to list.
  4. Finalise your setup - see this checklist for help.
  5. Important - Before hitting "start selling" in Omnivore/Catch feeder you must input a date in the field "Do Not Import Orders Before" or we will import any of your recent orders that you may have already dispatched. This date should be the date that you hit "start selling". This setting can be found in Omnivore/Catchfeeder at Settings->Catch->General. Please make sure you hit the "Update Settings" button after inputting the date.
  6. When you're ready to push up listings to Catch, add the API key under 'Settings - Catch - General' then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch' 
  7. Catch will need to review the products sent. If they are happy to approve then we can request for your current listings to be ended.
  8. Catch will remove the old listings - this can take 36 to 48 hours. 
  9. Once the listings are removed, the new listings can be uploaded. Click 'Upload to Catch' to send new listings up and request approval.

Note that there will be downtime of a minimum of 36-48 hours where you won't have listings in your store while the old listings are removed and new ones uploaded.

3. Remove any existing mapping configurations

  • Login to Catch and under My Account > Settings > Imports > Scroll down to the bottom and click “Delete my configuration” and “Delete my value lists”
  • If you don't do this, you may receive the error message "Category could not be identified" when you list products.