When marking an order as Shipped a carrier code must be provided to Kogan in the format that they require. For example, if you are using Australia Post, Kogan will require AUP as the carrier to mark the order as shipped. This FAQ lists what carrier codes Omnivore automatically provides for certain carriers.

Carrier Codes

View the list of all supported Carrier Codes in Kogan here.

Omnivore will automatically provide the supported Carrier Code for the following Carriers:

  • Australia Post
  • Star Track
  • Toll IPEC
  • DHL
  • FedEX
  • UPS
  • Couriers Please
  • Fastway
  • New Zealand Post
  • TNT Express
  • Allied Express
  • Sendle
  • Shippit
  • Yun Express

If we cannot find a mapping between what is sent to Omnivore from your ecommerce platform we will send through NA (not applicable) to Kogan. Kogan will only accept NA on a case by case basis so if you don't use tracking or can't provide it please contact your Kogan Account Manager to apply.

When a Carrier Code is not provided

If a carrier code is not provided you will receive the following Order Status and Order Error in Omnivore and the order will not be marked as shipped in Kogan:

What you need to do

  • Make sure you are adding the carrier when you mark an order as shipped in your ecommerce platform
  • If you don't provide a carrier, orders may not be marked as shipped in Kogan
  • Look out for the above order error and order status in case your orders are impacted
  • Contact your Account Manager at Kogan for an exemption if you are unable to provide a carrier