If a customer requires a refund, you will need to manage this within Kogan itself.

The process is outlined in this FAQ: How to issue a refund

If you cancel an order or mark it as refunded in your eCommerce system, the status of the order will also update in Omnivore but it will not process any refunds and it will not update the order within Kogan.

How To

How to mark the order as 'Refunded' in Omnivore

  1. Open Omnivore
  2. Go to 'Orders' in the left-hand navigation
  3. Find the order and click through to the page which holds all the order information
  4. Click 'Mark as refunded'

Partial Refunds

Unfortunately we don't support partial shipments for Kogan so the order would have remained pending on the marketplace, waiting for the last line item to be shipped. We're unable to see what status it was showing on Kogan as it is now cancelled.

In these types of scenarios you will need to cancel/refund the line item you are unable to supply on the order on the Kogan marketplace. This will allow for tracking on the rest of the order to be updated and the order to be marked as shipped.