This article provides an overview of the different options available for shipping charges on 


  • There are different ways you can determine the shipping charge for a product on Kogan i.e you can offer:
    • Free shipping
    • A Flat fee per unit
    • A variable rate depending on the location you are shipping to
    • A variable rate depending on the weight of the product 
    • A variable rate depending on the price of your product
    • A variable rate for a specific group of products defined in Omnivore using Product Groups
  • You can only have one shipping charge per product. i.e Standard postage for $5 with 3 days handling time. You cannot have Standard and Express, you can only have one or the other so choose which one is most popular or most competitive 
  • You must have one shipping policy set up which Omnivore considers 'default' shipping policy if you use Product Groups to have different shipping charges based on weight or price (for example)

How to set up Shipping in Omnivore

Use Omnivore to set up your default shipping policy. You must have a minimum of one for the integration to work.

  1. Go to 'Settings - Kogan - Shipping' 
  2. Click 'Add new shipping policy'
  3. Complete the required fields:
    1. Name - something you will recognise, this is only used in Omnivore 
    2. Product Group - leave blank if all products will have the same policy, otherwise choose a product group to set up different shipping for different groups of products.
    3. Shipping type
      1. Free - use this if you want the products to have free shipping
      2. Flat per unit - if you just want a set amount for each unit
      3. Custom shipping table - use this if you plan to do variable rates. You will need to complete the Kogan Shipping Matrix - your Onboarding manager at Kogan will assist with setting this up. 
    4. Handling days must be 1 or greater
    5. Shipping fee - enter the amount you want to charge. Leave blank if you want free shipping.
  4. Click 'Update'.

Using Product Groups in Omnivore

You can create product groups in Omnivore if you want different groups of products to have different shipping policies. For example, you can use product groups to charge a different shipping charge based on:

  • Weight - create a product group using a weight range. e.g products 0 - 1 kg charge $10 for shipping, products 1kg to 3 kg $15 and products 3 kg or more $20. 
  • Price - create a product group and define the price range. e.g products with a price over $150 could have FREE Shipping. 

  1. Create the product groups in Omnivore by going to 'Products - Product Groups'
  2. Create the number of product groups you need.
  3. Go to 'Settings - Kogan - Shipping' and create a shipping policy for each product group. See steps 1 to 4 above.

Location Based Shipping 

You will need to complete the Kogan Shipping Matrix - your Onboarding manager at Kogan will assist with setting this up. When you create the shipping policy in Omnivore please selecte 'Custom shipping table' as per #3.3 above.