If your products in Magento have additional product attribute data, you can set up Omnivore so that it imports these attributes. For example, you may have attributes such as material, fabric, care instructions, country of manufacture, warranty, style etc. 

Using the Extra Product Attributes 

Once you have mapped the fields into Omnivore (see below) the additional product data can be used in the following ways:

  • eBay Item Specifics - see the article eBay Item Specifics to find out how to set this up
  • Amazon attributes and bullet points
  • Catch attributes
  • Adding content to your product descriptions

How to Map your product attributes from Magento to Omnivore

  1. Login to Omnivore and go to 'Settings - Magento Feed - Map Fields'
  2. On the left are your product data fields from Magento. Drag any of these attributes that you want to use to the right into the 'extra attributes +' section - you can add as many as you like. See screenshot below. 
  3. Once you have changed the fields, you can do a single product update to check the changes are correct. Under the 'Products' section in Omnivore, find a product and click through to the full product details page. Click the button 'Update from Magento'. If you're happy with change any of these fields go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from Magento' to start a sync and to import all data.