Search-ability is a key criteria across all marketplaces.  Marketplace product attributes are additional data points specific to a particular product/SKU for selling on Amazon.  

There are often category / product specific attributes that will assist with product searches on the market and visibility and sales.

Note: At the moment bullet points are set up at the category level. This feature is currently available on the Amazon categories for Garden, Automotive and Health Amazon categories -

If you would like it for any other Amazon category(s), please submit a request and we will enable it

How to add marketplace attributes to your products

  1. Login to Omnivore and go to 'Products - On Amazon' then navigate to the 'Marketplace Attributes' tab
  2. Add the data in the fields available or use the CSV upload feature.
  3. After you have made any changes to the Marketplace Attributes table that you want synced with Amazon, go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Amazon'.


  • Bullet points are a section on the Amazon listing that enables you to add up to 5 bullet points of text; for example: 
  • As most ecommerce platforms don't have anywhere to store bullet point content, you can add bullet points in Omnivore and we add it to your Amazon listings.

How to add bullet points to your listings on Amazon

  1. In Omnivore, in the left navigation menu go to 'Products - On Amazon' then navigate to the 'Marketplace Attributes' tab
  2. In the product table, you will see columns headed bulletPoint1, bulletPoint2 etc up to bulletPoint5. Click into the field 'add text' to enter text. This text will be what appears for each bullet point on amazon.
  3. There is also a field called bulletPoints - you can enter the text for all 5 bullet points in this one field if you separate each bullet point content with a | for example: Red trim|Black leather would show on Amazon as two bullet points:
    • Red trim
    • Black leather
  4. You can import text via CSV instead of entering text manually for each bullet point on each product. Click 'Import from CSV'. To create your CSV, just make sure your columns are labelled SKU, bulletPoint1, bulletPoint2 etc 
  5. When you have finished adding text, go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Amazon'