Please read this FAQ fully Amazon Attribute Mapping is important to successfully list on Amazon.


Amazon will sometimes require additional information to list your products.  In addition you may want to add additional optional information such as Bullet Points and Search Terms to your Amazon listings.  This additional information whether required or optional can be added via Marketplace Attributes in Omnivore.

Amazon marketplace attributes can be added 3 different ways:

  • Directly in Omnivore
  • Via CSV Upload in Omnivore
  • Using custom attribute data from your website which is imported into Omnivore

Key Points - Update times & Amazon does not accept EU Sizing

  • Add your attributes including Bullet Points and Search Terms in Omnivore and click and Upload to Amazon we recommend checking back in 24-48 hours to ensure the attributes have been accepted by Amazon. If they have not been accepted you may see a new Blue Warning Message on the product page in Omnivore.If you do continue to see a warning like this it means Amazons has rejected the attribute in which case you will need to check the values added and re-add if required.
  • Amazon does not accept EU sizing.  It has all been standardised to US sizing.  Here is a Seller Central Help Page that addresses this: Shoe size standards FAQ

Adding Directly into Omnivore

** Example errors you may see which implies you need to update Attributes, in this case Brand.

  1. Login to Omnivore and go to 'Products - Amazon' then navigate to the 'Marketplace Attributes' tab
  2. Add the data in the fields available.
  3. After you have added data to the Marketplace Attributes table go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Amazon' to sync the new data to your Amazon listings.
  4. If the attributes that you want to enter are not available on the Marketplace Attributes screen you will need to add them using either csv upload, type them in the field, or add them to your ecommerce platform.

Adding In Omnivore using CSV

  1. To add Amazon Marketplace attributes via a csv file go to Products - On Amazon Australia and click on the 'Marketplace Attributes' tab.
  2. Click on 'Export attributes to CSV'
  3. This will generate a CSV file of all of your products and any attributes already entered.  You can edit this file to add any new attributes and to add/change values of existing attributes.
  4. After making changes to your CSV file make sure you remove the first two columns which will have the headings 'DELETE FROM IMPORT'.  Also ensure that your productSku formatting is correct.
  5. To upload your new csv file click on the 'Import attributes from CSV' button on the Marketplace Attributes screen.
  6. Select the file you are wanting to upload and then click the upload button.
  7. This will enter the values into the attribute fields in Omnivore, keep your CSV file for your records, hit Upload to Amazon'' to push the data to your live listings.

Adding From your Ecommerce Platform

You will need to add the product attributes to your eCommerce store then Omnivore will import them.  The name of the attributes you create on your eCommerce store will map to the Amazon attribute in Omnivore.  For more information on this see below:

Shopify - use Shopify Tags, or Metadata fields in Shopify

WooCommerce - set up with data mapping from WooCommerce

BigCommerce - use the Custom Fields in BigCommerce

Magento - set up with data mapping from Magento

Common Amazon Attributes


All products listed in the Toys & Games category must have a ManufacturerMinimumAge attribute value.  This value is entered in years.

IsExpirationDatedProduct and ShelfLife

Products in the Pantry Food and Drinks category may require both the IsExpirationDatedProduct and ShelfLife attributes to be entered.  

The accepted values for 'IsExpirationDatedProduct' is 'true' or 'false' (yes or no). 

Note: all categories except pantry, beauty, pets, babies will default to False as preset within Omnivore.

'ShelfLife' accepts values in the format '1 day', '3 months'.  A value is required for ShelfLife in the Pantry Food and Drinks category even if IsExpirationDatedProduct is set to 'no'.

Add Bullet Points

Bullet points are a section on the Amazon listing that enables you to add up to 5 bullet points of text; for example: 

As most ecommerce platforms don't have anywhere to store bullet point content, you can add bullet points in Omnivore and we add it to your Amazon listings.

Adding Bullet Points manually

  1. In Omnivore, in the left navigation menu go to 'Products - On Amazon' then navigate to the 'Marketplace Attributes' tab
  2. In the product table, you will see columns headed bulletPoint1, bulletPoint2 etc up to bulletPoint5. Click into the field 'add text' to enter text. This text will be what appears for each bullet point on amazon.
  3. There is also a field called bulletPoints - you can enter the text for all 5 bullet points in this one field if you separate each bullet point content with a | for example: Red trim|Black leather would show on Amazon as two bullet points:
    • Red trim
    • Black leather

Adding Bullet Points via CSV

  1. You can the import attributes via CSV instead of entering text manually for each bullet point on each product. Click 'Import from CSV'. To create your CSV, just make sure your columns are labelled SKU, bulletPoint1, bulletPoint2 etc 
  2. When you have finished adding text, and importing the CSV file go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Amazon'

NEW - Add Search Terms for Amazon Listings

  1. Note: Amazon Search terms should contain no more than 249 characters including spaces.
  2. In Omnivore in the left navigation menu go to 'Products - Amazon' then navigate to the 'Marketplace Attributes' tab.
  3. In the product table, you will see columns headed Search Terms. Click into the field 'add text' to enter text. This text will be used on Amazon as search terms, not visible on the listing. To separate your search terms use a comma. For example:, base ball, cricket bat, soccer, football
  4. Search terms can be applied using CSV as already mentioned in this article, you can use the same steps.  On the CSV in the Search Terms field use the same data method to separate each search term by a comma.

Map Size / Colour & Other Variants to Marketplace Category Attributes

  1. There may be instances that require us to map variants like size to an acceptable value that Amazon will accept.
  2. You may see a warning message like this:
  3. Within Omnivore using this example we can map your Variant (Size) to a value Amazon will accept.
  4. If this is the case please contact Support and we can map these for you.  
  5. Please send us the product example link, product name, sku and error so we can assess and provide a solution.

Add Dimension Information

You can add Item Height, Item Length, Item Width and Item Weight.  To find those fields on the screen you may  need to scroll across to the far right to the end.

Adding the values in the itemHeight, itemlength, itemwidth fields requires unit of measure in centimeters.  

Itemweight is in kilograms.

These can be added the same way as the other attributes.