How Does It Work

Search-ability is a key criteria across all marketplaces.  Marketplace product attributes are additional data points specific to a particular product/SKU for selling on Catch.  

There are often category / product specific attributes that will assist with product searches on the marketplace, they also help with visibility and sales.

Omnivore offer 3 functions that will provide a solution for Catch Attributes.  Please read this FAQ thoroughly to discern which one applies to you.

Types Of Attributes

  1. Catch Keywords enables sellers to add Additional Keywords to your product listings on Catch to help customers find your products easily when they search on Catch.  Keywords need to be relevant to the product. For example, if you are selling a women's dress you may add words like 'Cocktail' or 'Formal' - these are words that a customer may use when searching for a dress.  Advanced Users:  You can add all keywords to the first field using a | symbol to separate them. For example Dress|LIttle black dress|Cocktail|Formal
  2. Catch Category Attributes includes sunglasses or sleepwear ratings, these are also strongly recommended as best practice to enhance the product information.  This type also includes the 'Contains Button Cell Batteries' which is now mandatory.
  3. Marketplace Attributes are used within Omnivore, they are derived from the Catch Marketplace Categories which each have their own set of attribute data you can select from.

Setup Instructions

Follow the steps below to add marketplace attributes to your products:

  1. Login to Omnivore and go to 'Products - On Catch' then navigate to the 'Catch Keywords / Attributes' tab
  2. As mentioned above there are 3 type of Attributes to add on this screen:  Compliance Data (sunglasses, sleepwear and button cell batteries) - Keywords - Product Attributes.

Catch Category Attributes (Compliance Data):

  1. If you are selling Sunglasses or Sleepwear you will need to enter a value from the drop down.
  2. Use the drop down options to select the Rating Number.  See this full FAQ here.
  3. With the 'Contains Button Cell Batteries' field Omnivore will have this set to NO by default (even though you cannot see that on this screen).  If your products do contain batteries select this field to say Yes.  See the bottom section of this FAQ for for full instructions.
  4. Continue with other attributes before clicking Upload to Catch.

Add Catch Keywords to your products

  1. In Omnivore, go to 'Products - Catch'. Navigate to the 'Marketplace Attributes tab.
  2. Add up to 5 keywords for each product in each field provided.
  3. To see the keyword fields by using the line scroll bar to move across the page.
  4. Once finished inserting your Keywords 1-5, go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch'

Advanced Users

You can add all keywords to the first field using a | symbol to separate them. For example: Memory Foam|Best |Word|Word

If you use this option do not use the other keyword fields, just the field labelled Keyword 1. There is a character limit of 100 (including spaces and | ) for the Keywords if you use this option.

Marketplace Product Attributes

  1. This includes applying attributes at the Product OR Category to Category Bulk Level.
  2. Behind each Catch Category there is a list of attributes that we import, these are available for you to select from.
  3. From the Marketplace Attributes Tab search to find the products you want to add attributes to.  E.g. search on 'bag', filter by 50, 100 or 200.
  4. For best results use show optional fields to refine and define your search.
  5. Use the left/right bar to scroll across until you can see the attributes you want to complete.
  6. Use the drop down menu for each field to select the one that suites best.
  7. Continue to populate the attribute fields in this way.
  8. You can use Category to Category Bulk Attribute Mapping, to do this click on the Categories Toggle button.
  9. From the list of Categories select Bulk Map.
  10. When using Bulk Map you have two options:  Retailer Product Attribute name (predefined data from our eCommerce Store) OR Set a Default Value which is Free Text.
  11. When using your own data select from the prepopulated drop list to apply, when using Free Text type in the data and click the Green Plus.
  12. To remove retailer attribute data use the Trash Icon OR from the free text field on the right delete to remove the data leaving the field blank..
  13. Continue to add attributes and click Upload to Catch when complete.

Marketplace Attribute Mapping

We can also map your attribute value to the marketplace value that is attached to the category.  For example for the attribute Gender your value may include 'Womens' but Catch might have 'Female'. We can apply mappings within Omnivore to match-up your data to the Catch data.  This is an admin only method, so you will  need to reach out to Support to apply this for you.

We will need the product example, the attribute name and the category.

When we set this up for you the mappings will look like this, see below.  This dictates how the retailer attribute values get translated into Catch Approved Attribute values.

Catch Mandatory Field Attributes

New mandatory, ACCC enforced safety and information standards, for all products containing a button and coin batteries. 

Catch is required to display onsite customer warnings on all products containing a button and coin batteries from the 22nd of June 2022. To facilitate this warning our Catch product attributes have a new field “Contains button cell batteries” which will become mandatory before the 22nd June 2022. All sellers must update all products which contain button/coin batteries to remain compliant and eligible to be sold through the Catch site.

  • If your products contain button/coin batteries, you need to change the attribute to ‘YES’ - go to 'Products - On Catch' then to the Catch Keywords/Attributes tab. Under the column 'Contains Button Cell Batteries choose 'yes' from the drop down. Go to the dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch'.
  • If your products DO NOT contain  any button/coin batteries, you don’t need to do anything - Omnivore has been set up to take care of this for you to ensure your products remain listed

Sleepwear Ratings

If you sell in the Sleepwear Categories please read the information below.