Omnivore has a great way to optimise product titles on different marketplaces using Product Actions.

Before starting this you will need to create a Product Group which will be used to apply the Product Action to. Please see the articles here on how to do this

In Omnivore, Go to PRODUCTS menu on the left hand navigation and Choose Product Actions.

Click the Create product names button

Add a Name that will be easy to identify eg in this example "eBay item titles"

Choose the marketplace you want to apply the titles to from the Apply to marketplace dropdown e.g. "eBay Australia"

Next Choose the Product Group you created from the Use product group drop down (in this example we have a Product Group named "All eBay" which has been set up to include all products listing on eBay)

Now include the product naming convention to be displayed on the relevant marketplace e.g NEW $productName by $brandName

Select Save

Finally in order to apply your new product group titles you will need to navigate to the Omnivore dashboard and select the relevant UPLOAD TO MARKETPLACE button.

Some description elements that can be used to optimise your titles are:

$sku – this is the SKU of your product.

$brandName – this is the brand name (if you have assigned one).

$retailerName – your store name.

$colours – if the product comes in different colours, the list of the colours as you described them, e.g. Coral, Midnight, Gunmetal

$standardColours - similar to $colours except the colour names are as mapped to the standard colour names, e.g. Pink, Black, Grey for the above example

$productName – the original title of a product.

$shortDescription - the short description of the product if provided.

$detailedDescription – the long description of the product if provided.

$amount – the products selling price e.g $89.95

$rrp - product's RRP price

$category - the category assigned to a product in the retailer feed/system.