To use the Shopping on Instagram feature, you need to upload your Omnivore Product Feed into Catalogue Manager in Facebook 

  • Go to Catalogue Manager in Facebook
  • Choose 'Product Data Sources' from the left menu then clisk the 'Add Products' button
  • Select the 'Use Data Feeds' Option then 'Next'
  • You will be asked: How do you want to upload your data feed? choose 'Set a schedule'. This means that the Product Feed will be refreshed between Omnivore and Facebook for the schedule you set.
  • Enter your Data feed URL - you can find this on the Omnivore Dashboard or under 'Settings - Instagram - General' it will look something like this:  You don't need to add any login details.
  • Schedule the frequency - consider how often your ecommerce store syncs with Omnivore. or how often products and inventory change. We recommend at least once every 24 hours..
  • Choose a name for the feed e.g Omnivore and the currency of your ecommerce store e.g AUD
  • Click 'Start Upload'. Once the upload is complete, you should see products in Facebook.