There are a number of ways you can advertise using Instagram but one of the best for eCommerce is their Shopping on Instagram feature. 

Shopping on Instagram enables you to post a product(s) on Instagram with pricing and a direct link back to your eCommerce website. Omnivore's Product Feed for Instagram makes the task of getting your products into Instagram so that you can create campaigns.

Get Started

1. Make sure you're eligible for Instagram Shopping 

  • Is your business located in a supported market? Check here.
  • You will need a business profile on Instagram. If you don't have one already, here's how to set one up.
  • Does your business sell physical goods?
  • Does your business comply with Facebook commerce policies?
  • Is your account connected to a Facebook Page?

If you've done all of the above you're good to continue. See Set Up Requirements for Shopping on Instagram for more details. 

2. Set up your Omnivore Product Feed for Instagram

If you haven't already, add Instagram to your Omnivore account. Go to the dashboard, click the 'More' tab.

  • Choose the products you want to upload for Instagram shopping by choosing the categories. Follow prompts from the Dashboard
  • Check your settings under 'Settings - Instagram - General' - make sure you have a shipping policy and price set up.

3. Upload your Omnivore Product Feed for Instagram to Facebook

Note: You upload your feed for Instagram to Facebook.

  • Go to Catalogue Manager in Facebook
  • Choose 'Product Data Sources' from the left menu then clisk the 'Add Products' button
  • Select the 'Use Data Feeds' Option then 'Next'
  • You will be asked: How do you want to upload your data feed? choose 'Set a schedule'. This means that the Product Feed will be refreshed between Omnivore and Facebook for the schedule you set.
  • Enter your Data feed URL - you can find this on the Omnivore Dashboard or under 'Settings - Instagram - General' it will look something like this:  You don't need to add any login details.
  • Schedule the frequency - consider how often your ecommerce store syncs with Omnivore. or how often products and inventory change. We recommend at least once every 24 hours..
  • Choose a name for the feed e.g Omnivore and the currency of your ecommerce store e.g AUD
  • Click 'Start Upload'. Once the upload is complete, you should see products in Facebook.

4. Sign up for Instagram Shopping in the Instagram App 

  • Once your account and catalogue are connected, go to the Instagram app to sign up for Shopping. Go to your profile's settings, tap Business and tap Shopping on Instagram. Follow the steps to make sure that everything is good to go and to submit your account for review. Usually the process takes a few days, but sometimes it can take longer. You can visit Shopping in Settings at any time to check your review status.
  • Once you've been approved, you will receive notifications from Instagram and complete setup in Shopping in Settings to start tagging products in your posts and stories.

5. Create your first Shopping on Instagram Post

  • Now that you've set up shop, you can start adding product tags and stickers to your Instagram posts and stories. Start creating a post as usual and tap 'Tag Products' to add a product from your catalogue. 
  • You can feature up to five products per image or video post, and up 20 products on multi-image posts. You can also go back and add shopping tags to old posts on your business profile.

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