Before you commence the Integration process from your eCommerce Store to Omnivore to Your Marketplace Store it is best to have your Amazon Seller Account complete and ready to list.  We cannot do this step for you, you will have to contact Amazon to assist and complete the setup.

New To Amazon

Everything you need to know about getting an Amazon account is in the Become an Amazon Seller. There is great information about how it works, their fees and charges and FAQs.

If your online business 

Amazon selling plan

Omnivore requires your Amazon account to be a Professional seller plan.  The Professional plan costs $49.95 / month (no matter how many items you sell).  Amazon also collects a referral fee on each sale , which is a percentage of the total order transaction and varies by product category.  For more information on selling fees visit Amazon Pricing Page.

Create an Amazon Account

You can create a new Amazon Seller account with your business email.  Before you sign up make sure you are ready with the following;

  • Business email address
  • Chargeable credit card
  • Government ID (identity verification required)
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • Bank account where Amazon will send the sale proceeds

Already Listing or Selling on Amazon.

If you are already selling on Amazon and you have existing listings please inform Amazon Seller Central Support of your new Omnivore Integration. There are specific requirements they will explain to you.   More information on Existing Amazon Listings can be found below.  Read on for the next key steps.

API Key Information.

Once you have setup your Amazon Seller Account you will need to obtain your unique Authorization Information that you add into Omnivore, this process connects Omnivore to you Amazon Seller Account.  More information on connecting Omnivore to your Amazon Seller Account can be found below.  Read on for the next key steps. 

Next Steps & Essential Reading.

  1. Contact Amazon to begin selling on the Amazon Marketplace.
  2. If already selling seek specific requirements as an Omnivore user.  Click here for the Amazon documentation.
  3. For Existing Listing Information click here.
  4. For steps on how to connect Omnivore to your Amazon Store click here and follow step 3.