NB: This content is for Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento 1 and 2 Retailers. Customers with a custom integration should contact us for a full project plan as additional testing/set up may be required.

Get an Amazon Account

Set up Amazon MWS Developer Permissions

Add the Amazon Marketplace in Omnivore

Connect your Amazon Account to Omnivore

Amazon Marketplace Set up on Omnivore

List products to Amazon with Omnivore 

Currently Omnivore connects to the Amazon Australia Marketplace only.

Step 1: Get an Amazon Account

Everything you need to know about getting an Amazon account is in the Amazon Services Site. There is great information about how it works, their fees and charges and FAQs.

You will need the following to create an account:

  • Your business name as you would like it to be displayed on Amazon.com.au
  • The name of the individual or entity that operates the business
  • The physical address of your business
  • Your business credit card number and expiration date
  • The address where you receive your credit card statement

Also be aware of the Fees and Charges of selling on Amazon. 

Step 2: Set up Amazon MWS Developer Permissions 

You need to add Omnivore as an MWS Developer so that we can access your Amazon account to create listings and retrieve orders.  

NB: You must have a professional selling account i.e paid Amazon account to enable Amazon MWS

  • Login to Amazon Seller Central
  • In the Settings menu, click User Permissions.
  • Click the Visit Manage your Apps button under the heading Third-party developer and apps
  • Click Authorise new developer
  • Enter Name: Omnivore (CBS) 
  • Enter the Developer ID:  157259468140
  • Click Next and accept the Terms and Conditions. 

  • On the Settings Page, you should see Amazon MWS Developer Permissions with Omnivore set up as an Authorised Developer. You will need the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from here and add them to Omnivore so keep them handy.

Please read how to enable your Amazon store for MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Service) for further information.

Step 3:  Add the Amazon Marketplace in Omnivore

Your Onboarding specialist will do this for you. You should see 'Amazon Australia' as a tab at the top of your Dashboard in Omnivore once the marketplace has been added.

Step 4: Connect your Amazon Account to Omnivore

Using your Amazon Seller ID and Amazon MWS Developer Permissions obtained in Step 2 above, add them to Omnivore.

  • Login to Omnivore, go to 'Settings - Amazon Australia - General' 
  • Add your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from Step 2 above.
  • Click 'Update Settings'
  • You can check to make sure we have successfully connected to Amazon by clicking the 'Check Connection' button.

Step 5: Amazon Marketplace Set up

You now need to set up your shipping, returns policy and notifications in Amazon. Login to Seller Central.


Amazon offers two types of Shipping: 

  • Weight based; charge an amount for shipping based on the weight of the product
  • Price bands. Charge an amount for shipping based on the dollar value for example, $10 for purchases under $100 and Free shipping for purchases over $100.

In Amazon: 

In Omnivore:

  • Get the Shipping name from Amazon e.g Standard and enter it as the Shipping policy name in Omnivore.
  • The cost of shipping is set up in Amazon
  • You can also use Product Groups in Omnivore then assign an Amazon Shipping template.


Choose how you want to manage returns - this is set up in Amazon.  You can Allow Amazon to do it or you can do it. NB:To initiate a return or refund a buyer must go through Amazon to do it. so as a seller, you provide the return instructions in Amazon.

If you want to closely manage returns, we recommend that you authorise each return request. You will get notification from Amazon if there is a request.

Otherwise, Amazon will authorise and manage the return on your behalf. Be familiar with Amazon’s policy.

In Amazon, go to Settings - Return Settings to set up.


All Notifications and Reports are assigned to the Amazon primary account holder as a default. You can then edit the email addresses to change where notifications are sent to.

We recommend that you review and make sure you’re happy with where the notifications from Amazon are being sent to the appropriate email address in your business.

Language setting:

Please ensure that under Account Information that the language is set to English.

Account Info / Language for feed processing reports

Step 6: List products to Amazon

To list a product on Amazon, first you need to map your products in Omnivore to Amazon Categories.  Note that not all categories are available in Amazon AU yet.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Your products must have GTINs e.g UPC, MPN etc.
  • If you manufacture your own products, you can apply for an exemption
  • The 'Brand' needs to be the product brand, not your retailer name
  • If you want to sell into a restricted category, you need approval. Your listing will be flagged as ‘Incomplete’ if you need to get approval to sell into that category.

Restricted Categories

  • On the product page in Amazon,  go to the Inventory page, a product that has a status ‘Incomplete’ means that you need approval to sell in that particular category. Click ‘Incomplete’
  • You will see the product, scroll down you will see that you need approval to list in this category.
  • Click “request approval”
  • The request approval is different for different products. Follow the application process.
  • Depending on what you’re applying for you will likely need documentation – upload as instructed.
  • Submit
  • It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for approval.
  • You will receive a message from amazon when approved. Go to Your Case Log from the Amazon seller central dashboard.