You can have one policy for all products (the default) OR you can have multiple returns policies for different products using Product Groups.

One Returns Policy for all Products

  1. In Omnivore/eBayLINK Go to 'Settings - eBay Australia - Returns'
  2. If you have one Returns Policy for all products, your set-up will look like this:
  3. Click 'Edit' to make changes to the policy and make the required changes:
  4. Click 'Update'
  5. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to eBay' so the changes are reflected on eBay.

Multiple Returns Policies

NOTE: This feature is only available with Omnivore/eBay Link upgrade. If you would like to upgrade so that you can have multiple returns policies, please contact support.

To have different returns policies for different products:

  1. First create the Product Group to define which products you want to use a Returns Policy that is NOT the default policy. How to create a Product Group
  2. Go to 'Products - Product Groups' and click 'Add a Product Group'
  3. Create the Product Group based on criteria such as brand, weight, price or category or you can specify SKUs. Click 'Create Product Group'
  4. Once you have created your Product Group go to 'Settings - eBay Australia - Returns'
  5. Click 'Add new return policy'
  6. Complete the fields needed for the policy - make sure you select the Product Group you created above.
  7. Click Update.
  8. If you want to test that the policy is going to be applied you can check on one product. Find a product in the Products section and view the page which includes all data on that product. Scroll down to the section 'eBay Australia Product View' and click 'Upload to eBay Australia' 
  9. If the product uploads successfully check the eBay listing and the returns policy shown on eBay. If it's all working correctly, go to the dashboard and click 'Upload to eBay' to update all products in the Product Group.