To list a product on eBay it must meet the minimum product information required by eBay.

This minimum product data requirements are:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • SKU
  • At least 1 image
    • Must be at least 500px down the longest side.
    • The maximum image file size is 12 MB.
    • Images cannot have borders.
    • Images cannot have seller-added text or seller-added artwork.
    • Images must be in JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, or PNG format.
      - The GIF87 format is not supported by eBay.
      - TIF images with transparent background are not supported by eBay - the transparency can result in a black image.
      - JPG images must use the RGB colour space. The CMYK colour space is not supported by eBay.
      - Images in TIF and BMP are converted to JPG.
      - The eBay recommended JPG quality is 90 or greater.
  • Price
  • Category
  • Brand
  • GTIN (i.e. a EAN or UPC number)
    Note: our system will automatically set this required "Does not apply" if you don't have these values, in order to meet the eBay requirements and allow your product(s) to list.

    You can check GTIN existence here

If your products meet these requirements then you can list them for sale on eBay.

Note: before attempting to list products, please ensure  you have the following 3 Business Policies configured in your eBay account.

These should have been created automatically as part of your marketplace setup.


To list your products on eBay:

  1. Map all products you wish to list on eBay, to the most relevant eBay category.
    Instructions for how to do this are available here.

  2. Once you've completed the steps above, you're ready to list on eBay.
    To get started simply click the "Start Selling" button from your dashboard.


When a listing is created on eBay, it is created as a Fixed Price, Buy Now listing that is 'Good til Cancelled'

We do not create listings with the auction format.