Here are our top 10 tips to get you setup for success on the eBay marketplace.

  1. List ALL available inventory
    Make sure all products that can be sold on eBay are listed.
    Map your products to the most relevant eBay categories to list products
    See: Overview of category mapping

  2. Product titles
    Create an engaging title that makes the most of the 80 character limit. Use keywords that accurately describe your item and include important details like brand, product name, size, colour and model.
    Include the most relevant keywords buyers are likely to use when searching for your products.
    You can edit individual titles under ‘Products’
    You can also add rules to apply to all titles.
    See: Optimise product title(s) for eBay

  3. Unique product identifiers
    Ensure that you add product identifiers (UPC, EAN, ISBN ...) for your products.
    This can greatly increase the chances of your products appearing in search, and being matched against the eBay product catalogue.
    See: Product Identifiers

  4. Product descriptions
    The more comprehensive and accurate your description is, the less likely a customer will be disappointed, or hesitant to purchase.
    Using our system, you can edit individual descriptions, or apply a rule across all listings.
    See: How do I edit my product description(s)?

  5. Shipping
    Offer free shipping if you can.
    Offering free shipping will make your listings for attractive to buyers and can help to boost their position in search results.
    See: Setting up & managing shipping

  6. Images
    Provide high quality images of your products, that meet eBays image requirements.
    See: the eBay images

  7. Competitive pricing
    Make sure products are priced competitively (including shipping costs).
    Review competitors products on eBay.
    You can use our system to change pricing on eBay without changing pricing on your eCommerce store
    See: How to I change my product price(s) for eBay?

  8. Customer service
    Providing good customer service to eBay buyers is key to improving the position of your listings in eBay search results.
    Aim to achieve the eBay top rated seller status. Monitor your eBay seller dashboard to track your performance.
    See: eBay Customer Service Tips, eBay Top Rated Seller,

  9. Variations
    Listing products with variations on eBay can save you time and reduce your listing fees.
    They can also improve your visibility in best match search results, as products in a variation format have the sales history of one item in the variation, carried over to all of the items.
    See: Listings with variations

  10. Promotions
    Consider using our promotions feature, or the eBay promotions manager, to run eBay specific sales or promotions.
    This can be very useful as different types of products may sell better on eBay versus your own store.
    See: How to us our Promotions feature, or alternatively consider using the eBay promotions manager.