Every eBay listing we create has a logo and listing template that is set in Omnivore and eBay LINK.  We have an approved custom product template that we use for your products on eBay.  Please read on for specific setup and update information.

The recommended size for your logo is 320px x 320px. If your logo is not square please make the logo no wider than 320px.

To change or set the logo image for your listings on eBay please connect to Omnivore and follow these steps.

  1. Go go  Settings - eBay Australia - Product Template - Your Product Template.  See Add your logo URL.  
  2. Insert/Paste your logo URL in this field/box, add the URL of the logo image you wish to use, this will appear on all of your listings on eBay. 
  3. Please ensure it is a secure URL with https to comply with eBays requirements.
  4. Most sellers get their logo URL link from their own website.
  5. The URL will end in .jpg or .png.
  6. Be sure to click Update to save the changes.
  7. An upload to eBay Australia will push up your change.

Your Product Listing Template

The required information has to be manually added by you.  This is in the lower section from the About us field.  Follow the steps below.  All fields that appear in red or are blank will have to completed before you can begin to list your products.

NOTE to Retailers:  Any info or settings you have completed to do with Business Policies is not related to this section.  The headings may be the same but the fields in the template are informational data that you will display to your buyers.  Business policies and template information are not connected.

  1. About Us, Payment info, Returns Info and Shipping guide but all be completed by you.  You don't need sizing guide.
  2. Type to enter free text into these fields.  Some sellers take info from their own website. 
  3. Keep it concise, accurate and helpful for the buyers.
  4. No links, emails, addresses or contact details, eBay will reject them.  More important info on that can be found here.
  5. Even after you add your info into the template fields you can come into this section and edit the fields any time.  
  6. Be sure to click Update on this page to save your changes.
  7. The upper section of the page (see screen capture below) does not need to be edited by you.  UNLESS you have designed you own listing template and you want to add it in here.  Please leave as is.
  8. We use the placeholder $detailedDescriptoin which will be set by default and should not be changed.
  9. More information on Mobile Friendly settings can be found here
  10. As mentioned above, any changes made on this page need to be Updated and an Upload to eBay Australia is required.
  11. You can edit or tweak the editable fields any time including your LOGO URL.

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