One of the performance measurements on eBay is the timeliness with which a retailer is able to dispatch an order to a customer.  For this reason, you will receive an alert for each order that has not been marked as shipped in your retailer system within 3 days of order creation.

To resolve these notifications, the order must be either shipped or marked as refunded in the eBay Link/Omnivore Order screen.  Marking an order as Refunded in eBay Link/Omnivore will NOT refund the order in eBay or update the order status in eBay, but it WILL tell eBay Link/Omnivore that the order has been completed and should be removed from the overdue list. If you have received an email like the one below, there are quick links to mark the order as either shipped or refunded at the bottom of the email:

You have 1 overdue order(s) that need attention

Customers love to receive their goods promptly. It has now been 3 days or more since the following orders were made by a customer but our records show that they have not been shipped. This will affect your reputation rating with customers.

Next steps

For each order listed, check its status in Bigcommerce using the 'retailer ref' ID below to find out why it has become delayed. Alternatively, use the action links on each line below to update the order status manually.

You are receiving this alert because you have been nominated as the notification contact. 

If you require help resolving the order backlog, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for support

Retailer ref
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