This method of setting up a shipping cost has been tested on Amazon, Catch, Trade Me and My Deal Marketplaces.  The steps involve: 

  1. Setting up your attributes in Magento.  
  2. Mapping the attribute/s in Omnivore. 
  3. Creating a product group in Omnivore.  
  4. Assigning that group to a new Shipping Policy/Template in Omnivore.

Please ensure you read all of the steps to bring about success.  Before you continue we recommend having your attribute/s setup in Magento, this FAQ does cover the 'how to' for that, see Magento Support.

Setup Guide

  1. Assuming you have setup your attributes in Magento, within Omnivore go to Settings - Magento Feed - Map Fields. Scroll down to the Shipping Method field and click into the right hand field to show and select your chosen attribute/s.  Click Update Mappings.
  2. Navigate to Products - Product Group and create a new product group, set your criteria based on this guide here and in the group select Feed Shipping Method and choose the correct attribute value from the drop down.
  3. Navigate to Settings - Marketplace Name - Shipping and create a new Policy, make sure you select the group you just created that has the shipping feed method in it.  It helps if you name your groups and policies accordingly so they match up.
  4. On the shipping settings page you will see a list of available shipping attributes which means that this part of the setup is correct, if you cannot see this you may need to check your field mappings.  Or you may need to do an Import from Magento to refresh the feed.
  5. After your shipping policy is created you should see a shipping method on the product page in Omnivore.
  6. Continue to create groups and assign them to policies making sure your attributes are mapped then hit Upload to Marketplace on the Dashboard.

Shipping Uses

Magento sellers can use this method for the following scenarios:

  • Weight based shipping
  • Shipping for bulky items
  • Shipping for on sale items
  • Most shipping types that entail applying your store attribute to a group of products that will be assigned to a specific shipping policy.
  • When creating ALL shipping policies in Omnivore it is imperative to follow the shipping setup guide for that marketplace.  Each marketplace has specific requirements for shipping configuration, our FAQ's can help with this setup.