Sometimes not all products will list on The Iconic Marketplace.  Products that will not list successfully will appear in Omnivore with a listing error and/or warning under the 'have listing errors' section.  Listing errors are in yellow and warnings are in blue.

Error List

The table below provides the most common errors and how you can resolve them.  

ErrorProblemHow to resolve
The Iconic validation error:
error: SKU is already used by another product.
error: X value is not unique

This error can occur we are attempting to Create a Product when it already exists. It can also happen if some product variants have been made inactive directly within The Iconic Seller Centre. Essentially this means we cannot fully update the listing.

If you do not want the product to be live on The Iconic, instead of making them inactive on the marketplace you can set them to Zero Stock Quantity in Omnivore.  This FAQ shows you how to do that.

If you do want the product to be live on the marketplace make them active again in The Iconic Seller Centre and then push a fresh upload to The Iconic from Omnivore.

If the problem persists please contact our Support Team.

Order Error:

Set as ready to ship failed, error: {"errors":[{"orderItemId":xxx,"detail":"'xxxxxxxxxxx' is not a unique value for Tracking Code."}]}

Tracking code has already been used.

TheIconic is storing old tracking numbers from years back and AusPost is recycling shorter tracking numbers, hence some tracking numbers come up unique. 

Edit the Tracking and add a / in at the end of the tracking number.  Doing this should fix the error.