By default Coles Best Buys make products available to buyers in all post codes.  If you want to apply a limitation and only make your products available to buyers in some postcodes you can use Shipping Zones in Omnivore to send a list of postcodes to Coles.

Please read carefully there are some finer points to note to ensure success.

This communications from Coles Best Best has all of the necessary pre-reading to best comprehend Shipping Zones with Coles.

From Coles:  March 2024, Coles Best Buys Online Exclusives will be implementing Shipping Zones on-site. We would like to work together with you and Omnivore to roll this out to customers.
What are Shipping Zones?
Currently on the Coles BBOE website, we have a blanket rule that we cannot service the following postcodes:
  • Northern Territory: 0800-0899
  • Queensland: 4806-4899, 4900-4999, 9960-9999
  • Western Australia: 6215-6699, 6700-6799
  • New South Wales: 2899
With the implementation of Shipping Zones, you as a supplier will be able to dictate if all/parts of your product range will be able to be delivered to the above previously restricted postcodes. This means that we will be able to service more of Australia and ensure that prospective customers are able to shop thousands of great products from our trusted suppliers.
NOTE: If you are able to ship all of your products to any Australian postcode, you will not need to action anything and your account will automatically open up to the above previously unsupported postcodes.
How to set up Shipping Zones
Shipping Zones are activated on all Coles BBOE supplier accounts by default. This means that by default, you are configured to service all of Australia. If you would like to keep the current postcode restrictions in place, you will need to enter the above postcodes as your shipping restrictions.
How to send the information to Omnivore will differ depending on your integration method. An FAQ rundown can be found in Omnivore supplier support:
Please add a new product attribute, in the same way other Coles attributes have been added, named Shipping Zones. The value(s) will be the names of the zones you wish to use, i.e. Sydney Metro. Once added, you can then configure the postcodes in Omnivore as per the above FAQ.  Marpost Sellers please follow this Maropost article to setup your attributes this way.
SFTP/CSV Upload:
Please add a new column to your file named Shipping Zones. The value(s) will be the names of the zones you wish to use, i.e. Sydney Metro. Once complete, do not upload this file but instead send the file to

Omnivore Team will then reconfigure your file setup to include the new column, and let you know when you can start using the new file. Once this is setup, you can then configure the postcodes in Omnivore as per the above FAQ.
If you have any questions about the setup process for Shipping Zones, please get in touch with  Omnivore Team at

Omnivore Setup Method

  1. In Omnivore the setup begin in Settings - Shipping Zones.  This setup has two parts. Add your Attribute to the products then add the Shipping Zone postcode list to Omnivore.  
  2. Next, make sure you have an attribute in Omnivore (using your preferred method) called Shipping Zones.  Also make sure to check that the attribute is visible by checking a product page in Omnivore.  See our screen captures below.
  3. Our example shows:  Shipping Zones: Test shipping zone.  Yours might say Shipping Zones: Brisbane Metro.  This step must be complete before you continue.  You will need the name that follows the colon ( :  ) to create your shipping zone in Omnivore.  (i.e our example is Test shipping zone). You may have different Attributes for different products and therefore different shipping zone entries in Omnivore.
  4. Next navigate to the Shipping Zones option under the Settings Menu in Omnivore. 
  5. Click 'Add a shipping zone'. 
  6. Give the Shipping Zone a name, this part is important as it must match the value of the attribute you have created, our example is this: Testing BAD Zones.  Yours might be Brisbane Metro.
  7. Add your postcodes using comma separated format, click Create shipping zone.  In the sample below the format will be 2002,2003,3001,3902,4200.
  8. Click Update.
  9. The postcodes you add here will be sent to Coles and only buyers browsing or shopping from those postcodes will be able to purchase your items.
  10. Navigate to a product page to check under the 'Coles Best Buys Product View - Attribute' section where it will show the shipping zone attribute.  This attribute with the postcode data will now be sent to Coles.
  11. Push an Upload to Coles to force the change.  

Post Setup Screen Captures

List of Zones:

Note, the square brackets that show on the shipping zones page are displayed there by us,   This is how you add the post codes in, see below.

Here is an example on the product page that shows how the attribute will look, our test attribute value is called:  Testing BAD Zone, note the name matches exactly with the 4th Shipping Zone name.

Editing & Deleting the Shipping Zone

NOTE:  You can edit the Shipping Zone Action in Omnivore by adding or removing postcodes at anytime.  Just do not edit the Shipping Zone Name unless you edit the Attribute Value as they must match exactly.  You will need to push an Upload to Coles after making any changes.