Add Baby Bunting & Connect

Points to consider before you connect:

  • If you're new to Omnivore, simply select Baby Bunting Marketplace during the sign up process after installing the Omnivore app and follow the prompts using the below information as a guide.
  • Existing Omnivore Customers adding Baby Bunting follow the steps below.
  • Have your Baby Bunting Marketplace Account login details handy as you will need them.

  1. From your Omnivore Dashboard click Add New Marketplace from the right had section.
  2. Select Baby Bunting from the list to enter into the setup wizard.
  3. Check your information and currency on the first welcome screen and click Next.
  4. You will be asked to connect your Omnivore Account to your Baby Bunting Marketplace Account, during this process you will be asked to login to Baby Bunting. If you do not want to connect Omnivore to Baby Bunting now you can do it later, if the case click Next to continue adding the Marketplace.
  5. If you do want to Authorise Omnivore to Baby Bunting now Click Go to Baby Bunting.
  6. You will be directed to the Baby Bunting/Mirakl Login page, you will need to sign in to Mirakl.
  7. After you click next and login you will be taken to a Mirakl page, on this page you will have to read the screen and click Confirm.
  8. This completes the authorisation process from Omnivore to your Baby Bunting Marketplace Account. Click Continue.
  9. The next step in the wizard is to setup your Default Shipping for Baby Bunting. Select your preferred shipping from the Shipping name drop down list and click Finish.
  10. The final step is to select your top level categories for Baby Bunting .
  11. This screen will have a list of Baby Bunting Categories, tick the ones that are most relevant to you, then click Next.
  12. This completes the first stages of Adding Baby Bunting to Omnivore, Connecting Omnivore to Baby Bunting and setting up the basic functions.
  13. Please note there are still more settings to check, please follow this Full Setup Guide to continue with your next steps.

Authorise Process - Omnivore to Baby Bunting

  1. In Omnivore navigate to Settings - General - Baby Bunting, note the fields are blank, click Authorize Now.
  2. This will put you into the authorization/connection wizard process.
  3. See steps 6-8 in the first section above and follow the prompts to authorize Omnivore to Baby Bunting.
  4. Navigate to return back to the Settings - General - Baby Bunting page in Omnivore.
  5. Click the Check Connection button to ensure this process worked successfully.   
  6. When Omnivore is successfully connected to Baby Bunting the Credentials section will look like this.

If you connected Omnivore to the incorrect Baby Bunting Marketplace Account you will need to follow the below process to re-authorise.

  1. Log out of your Mirakl account (Baby Bunting Marketplace Account)
  2. In Omnivore navigate to Settings - General - Baby Bunting and click Delete Authorisation.
  3. Click Authorise Now, this will take you back into step 6 above.  Continue with steps 6-8 above.
  4. Please be aware that sometimes your browser can automatically login you using saved credentials.  That is great unless the saved credentials happen to be for a different Baby Bunting Account that you do not want Omnivore to connect to.
  5. For this reason if you do need to authorise again and you feel this could be an issue, we recommend doing step 3 above in a private browser or incognito window.

Test Your Connection

You can use our Check Connection function to test the link from Omnivore to Baby Bunting.   Navigate to Settings - General - Baby Bunting, click Check Connection.

More Setup Steps

Follow this link and click on Baby Bunting Setup to view the documentation and continue the Omnivore/Baby Bunting setup process.