This FAQ covers the View product and marketplace history link that sits at the top of the product page in Omnivore.


What Does This Show You

  1. This section of the product page shows you all of the updates (imports and uploads) on that product for each marketplace, the logs go back 30 days.
  2. You can use the drop down to filter by Marketplace if you are looking for a particular update on just one Market.
  3. The time stamps are in UTC (GMT).
  4. It provides a live update snapshot of the products.
  5. It shows product changes from your store such as, price, inventory, description.

What Can You Do Next

If you are concerned about a product and whether it has been updated or not and you have viewed this page you can take a screen capture of the specific update log section and send it to the Support Team.  From there we can help you clarify more accurately.