This FAQ covers this error specifically:  

validation error = 1000|The attribute 'colour' (Colour) is required,1000|The attribute 'colour_group' (Colour Group) is required

It means your products are listed to a Onceit category where colour is required.

If you do not have a colour attribute at a product level on your eCommerce Store then you have 2 options:

  1. Add within your store or 
  2. Add using Omnivore.

Your products will not list until this is provided.  This FAQ covers the two ways you can add a Colour Attribute using Omnivore.  See your eCommerce Platform documentation if you want to add this attribute at the store level.

Add Colour Attributes

Follow the steps below to manually add the colour attribute to your products:

  1. Login to Omnivore and go to Products - Onceit then navigate to the Marketplace Attributes tab.
  2. Click Product so it is Green and highlighted.  Add the product colour data in the fields using the drop-down choices available. Note that colour is a free text field but "Colour Group" must be chosen from the dropdown options.
  3. After you have made changes to the Marketplace Attributes table that you want to be synced with Onceit, go to the Dashboard, go to the Onceit tab and click Upload to Onceit.

Add Colour Attributes by CSV

  1. Login to Omnivore and go to Products - On Onceit then navigate to the Marketplace Attributes tab.
  2. Click on Export attributes to CSV.
  3. This will generate a CSV file for you of all of your products and any attributes already entered.  You can edit this file to add any new attributes and to add/change values of existing attributes. 
  4. After making changes to your CSV file make sure you remove the first two columns which will have the headings 'DELETE FROM IMPORT'.  Also ensure that your productSku formatting is correct.
  5. If you have not added any attributes you can create your own CSV file with these headings, productSku, Colour, Colour Group (case sensitive).  Note: if you are using Shopify or BigCommerce productSku is the Shopify/BigCommerce product ID - a number generated by your website when you create a product. It is NOT your retailer product SKU

  6. To upload your new csv file click on the 'Import attributes from CSV' button on the Marketplace Attributes screen.

  7. Select the file you are wanting to upload and then click the upload button.

  8. After your CSV has been uploaded the Marketplace Attributes tab will go back to the normal view, you may not instantly see the new colour values you just added.  To check use the keyword search on that page to search for some products, this is a good way to check that the CSV file upload has worked correctly.

  9. This change will be synced with Onceit on your next scheduled feed or you can hit Upload to Onceit from the Dashboard Onceit Tab to update your Onceit listings.

  10. If successful the error will be cleared and products will list with Colour on the Onceit Marketplace.